December 28

Double Toasted’s WORST of 2016 -12-29-16

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December 28

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    • Dvac

      fuck yeah

    • bertolopez777

      Fucken fuck yeah

    • Brian Chester

      R.I.P Debbie reynolds

    • CptPeanutButter

      So what I learned today?? Korey hates lowbrow comedies and think if you like it your stupid.

    • CptPeanutButter

      This episode was shit, felt really unorganized and sloppy. Should’ve just saved it for another time.

      The part that especially annoyed me the most. Was them going back and fourth arguing about movies missing from Korey list. I would normally love this aspect of them arguing. Like in the Blair Witch spot on the list earlier. But the key was I knew what they are talking about.

      With the movies he missed for the list. I have no fucking clue what they are talking about. And dont even say he dont want to spoil the list. Because All the movies he might have missed, are movies they fucking review. So what are they spoiling???

      But I’ll give Korey the benefit of the doubt. And just say he got a a lot things going on right now.
      In the holiday season, but for fuck sake they can do better this shit. Hopefully the best of 2016 list is better then this.
      P.S I stop watching when they stared the quiz. So maybe it gets better for me. But I could’ve take it anymore.

    • thomasearlva

      RIP for both Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds. Respect. Sadness. 2016, can’t take it anymore.

    • Trice

      Yeah, this ep was pretty sloppy and super unorganized. Not saying we don’t like candid, non scripted moments, but I don’t think this show was the place to do it the entire time. We already know there was a ton of bad movies this year. But that was the point of the top 10 list. To comprehensively give a ranking of the bad to the worst. Fuck all that “tie time” shit. If something didn’t make the top ten, but was bad enough to be mentioned, name it towards the end, give us a reason it wasn’t ranked on this list, then move on. Idk, yall are professionals, we expect better quality out of you guys for shows like this.

      • Wayne

        I agree. I would have preferred for the guys to create an official Double Toasted list that they all discuss together rather than having separate lists that may have repeat movies.

        Even in this episode it was clear that Korey didn’t spend time thinking about titles that should have made his top 10 list because at the end of his list there were several movies mentioned that he could have included.

        The ties throughout Korey’s list diminish the importance of a top 10.

    • shadeybaby

      Thanks for having me by, fellas. It was a dream come true and an utter pleasure. And I’m glad I got to try doing the NORM OF THE NORTH dance on camera. I’ve been practicing extensively ever since I saw your review.

    • Thakiddv2

      Why aren’t the videos playing

    • datcrud

      Korey is not careful with the word rape or racist… Come on now wtf is this.

    • Thakiddv2

      Could someone tell me about the videos not working

    • Soapscum

      Korey forgot ‘Bad Moms.’ Maybe that could be tied with something too. Seriously Korey just make a top 20 list like in 2014.

      I was at first a bit disappointed that we’d have to wait for Goodwin and Martin’s lists, but I think their better prepared lists will be more entertaining.

    • terrellbanks980

      so can someone create a list from what korey said with ties included? you’d be a real service to your country.

    • Double Toasted

      Let’s be honest, the criticism of the list started with someone who doesn’t appreciate our opinion of ‘low brow comedies’. And for those who truly didn’t like it, I can understand. However, I won’t be accused of ‘sloppiness’ or ‘throwing a show together’, or especially have my professionalism judged. I actually worked all day before the show to putting it together. And while some may not like the list, I didn’t spend five minutes on it. I backed up every point I made and had notes ready to defend my opinion. I will always take criticism to heart, but I will never allow anyone to accuse me of being unprofessional as I spend most of my waking days to produce the best shows I can.

      • Double Toasted

        And while some were added spontaneously – which is the nature of many of our shows – It wasn’t for lack of not having a list prepared. It is very easy to forget some of the bad movies you when it’s your job to see almost every one of them. That while doing your best to edit, write out thoughts, and arrange a show. Please give us you honest option, outdent ever accuse me of slacking on a show. I work too hard to make that very much the contrary.

      • shadeybaby

        Don’t worry about it, Korey, the one thing I want a worst-of show to do is to make me laugh at the expense of shitty movies, and I laughed hard. If people want orderliness and total professionalism, then you’ll get something boring and predictable. The whole fun of this show–of ALL your shows–is not knowing what would happen next. And if someone is coming to this website expecting Siskel & Eberr, they’ve come to the wrong site. What the fuck ever, you added movies at the last minute and had a bunch of ties. Well, guess what, Brad Jones does the same thing on his worst-of lists, and no one fucking complains. This is supposed to be a comedy show, not dry cinematic discourse. If you don’t like it, just leave.

      • thomasearlva

        There are a lot of us who really appreciated the show. Again there are loud extremes on either side, but often a large amount of silent listeners outnumbering inbetween. Happy New Year . . if we make it.

      • Soapscum

        Fair enough, I was just a bit confused trying to keep up. Maybe it would end this whole thing if, before Goodwin and Martin’s lists, Korey could just briefly go over his list again, ties and all.

      • Trice

        I’ll say this much, speaking for myself specifically, I never accused you of being unprofessional. And I was never looking for a mundane, serious discussion about the worst of the worst or whatever. However, a lot of your fans, myself included, have been tuning in to your shows for many years, and we recognize that you like to keep a certain flow, quality, and standard. That being said, when the flow is off, and the quality is not met, we know immediately. We will call you out on it. Not as an accusatory “you didn’t work hard enough on this show, booo!”, but as a “we know you are better than the finished product you gave us and we hope you take note of OUR criticisms and do better, in your own way, next time.” Even if you intended to put on the show of your life, if, from our perspective, it wasn’t that great, why get defensive over our opinions? In your line of business, I would think audience perspective on the end product matters more than what you did to plan everything out. That’s the price you pay for show business. Also, I pay my monthly fee just like everybody else in the comment section, both to be entertained and contribute in any way that I can to your success. But will not sit here silently, pretending that I enjoy every moment of everything that yall put out just because I’m a fan. And I’ll be damned if I kiss anyone’s ass just to preserve some egos. No, I did not like it, but no, I will not leave. I want to see yall progress, grow, and reach every goal you’ve ever made. Because I admire what you do and you’ve made a huge impact in my life and so many others, whether you choose to acknowledge it or not. Those are my opinions. I can’t be anything but honest. And in case you still don’t get it, this all comes from a place of love, never hate. Peace.

      • CptPeanutButter

        Trice that was amazing

    • Doc Sportello

      It’s one thing to see Martin and Korey go at it over something petty.

      It’s another when the “thing” in question is the goddamn Blair Witch lol

    • jayrodneyjr

      Huge fan of this and every episode. Korey, we’ve met before. I’m Jesse from last year’s dedication to Lemmy of Motorhead episode. I would never accuse of you being unprofessional and quite dug the spontaneous feel of this episode. Small suggestion, however, for next year: I do this extremely dorky thing where I keep a list of every movie I see in the theater and have done so ever since I was eight years old. I see a movie on the big screen and add it to the list. Perhaps you could keep a list of the new movies you see as you see them. Then when compiling your Top Tens, you’ve got everything right there. No need to remember anything…, accept remembering to add the new movie to your list right after you see it, of course. Hope this is helpful. Happy New Year!

      • Caleb

        That’s a great suggestion! If Korey is too busy though rushing between showings and recording DT, perhaps the intern or another DT employee (or even a toastie) could keep track.

    • julien


    • dholdt

      Social media helped out the first Blair Witch Project??

      It came out in 99. Social media weren’t really a thing before Facebook launched to the public in 2006/07.

      Blair Witch got it’s promotion and fame from missing persons articles / milk cartons / posters / flyers / interviews and such. It was being promoted as a real event

      • jayrodneyjr

        I think that’s what Korey meant. Semantics though.

      • dholdt

        Most likely yeah. But I would still say that there’s a pretty significant difference from the way viral marketing worked before the rise of the modern social media.

    • GoodOl'Eric

      I’m surprised you didn’t combine all your lists for a top 25.

    • Reese

      Oh that joke @ 2:23:54 from Martin did was spectacular.

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