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December 2

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    • Christian

      Hope you guys post the show after it aired. Maybe you can also post the Howard The Duck Drunk show. You never posted it :(

    • FireQuackerz

      Great drunk show! Maybe in the future it could be a standalone thing instead of starting after the High Score?

    • ecartman12

      Excellent show Korey! My only criticism is that I think you guys were riffing too much during the movie. When the film started you guys had a great balance of watching the movie and talking but at about a quarter of the movies runtime you guys started to talk and shout too much and it became a bit much to listen too and I did get a little bit of an ear ache. But other than that, the show was AMAZING and I would really like to see you guys do more of these in the future. I would certainly like to see more than one every month. ;)

    • Satans_weedwacker

      I love these drunk shows and really want to come up for the next one
      Small suggestions:
      Turn on subtitles for the movie, that way even if you guys are talking over the movie we can read it
      Movie suggestions could be
      The Raggedy Anne Movie
      Titanic: The Legend Goes On
      S P A C E J A M
      Bebe’s Kids
      Stay Toasty guys!

    • Christian

      I liked allot the show. For the moment I think my two suggestions would be if you get the screen with the guys a little larger and always keep the small screen. Don’t turn it off and on cause you can lose funny reactions. But the episode was great. I’m watching it for the second time as I’m writing this message. :D

    • pegasus

      everyone knows green/white ranger was the coolest

    • Claire

      I’m done
      this was a great show. finally got my roommate to drink and thus was his idea

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