February 8

The Movie Review Extravaganza – 2-8-18

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The Movie Review Extravaganza

February 8

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    • Wayne

      Korey keeps stopping the show to complain about people on the couch talking when Korey himself calls out to the couch and asks them questions. It’s odd to boast about your live audience and then tell them to shutup when they react to the show.

      When I am listening, its more distracting to hear Korey stop the show than it is to hear people saying stuff in the background.

    • Mr.Fleasheater

      Korey, as many times you call Hollywood for being hypocrites for supporting Woody Allen and Polanski. You go and attack
      Denise. You fucking pig. Your the men who damage this world. Pig.

    • Soapscum

      I don’t know…I have a bad feeling about ‘Venom’ also. Poor Tom Hardy, he deserves better.

    • Topless Stang

      dunno know what changed, dunno if its the lighting thats different or the cameras…but the new studio setup looks much better.

The Movie Review Extravaganza

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