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December 19

Shows > The Sunday Service > 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' Spoiler Talk - Double Toasted 12-18-16

    • Scruffy Looking Nerd Herder

      Why even have Will up there he hate’s everything. It’s funny cause he is wearing a He-man hat. A franchise that is based on a gay conan who fights talking skeleton.

    • Floorwax

      I like Will because his opinions break the circlejerk that sometimes dominates this show/community.

    • jayrodneyjr

      God, I wish I had been a part of this spoiler talk. I feel like Rogue One haters are going to be on the wrong side of the history with this one. This one, like “Empire” which was also misunderstood at the time, is going to go down as a classic. But only time will tell.

    • Heshinsi

      Korey needs to stop saying Disney in reference to the creative decision making behind the new Star Wars films. Lucasfilms not Disney, have all decision making power for these films.

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