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December 16 - Directed by Gareth Edwards - Released 12/16/2016

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    • Kevin

      Red Letter Media posted a youtube video two days ago saying that Disney contacted them and offered them an early viewing of the movie if they promised to give it overly positive reviews. Ya’ll niggas sold out because we all know this movie was garbage.

    • ToeKneeBeeEars

      Check out our review of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

    • Tristan

      It was basically another prequel. It’s not as bad as the Prequel trilogy, but I was shocked at the amount of similar problems this movie had. Stilted acting, weak characters with very little personality, putting all of the comedy into one character, lots of pointless scenes, and an over reliance of past Star Wars iconography to manipulate the fans. I really do appreciate the risks Disney took by making the movie darker and more mature, but if I don’t care about the characters, why should I care if one of them dies? I kind of want them to just stop with the spinoffs and just give us a new Star Wars movie every 2 or 3 years, other Star Wars will get old, and no one will care about it anymore.

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