March 8

SAMMY AIN’T SEEN SH*T – Back To The Future

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Sammy Ain't Seen Sh*t

March 8

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    • MavenCree

      SERIOUSLY????!!!!!! THIS???!!!!

    • Wan

      Wow Sammy I know it’s the core concept but really?!

    • The Cunninlynguist

      could’ve sworn SAmmy said he saw BttF

    • thomasearlva

      Yeah, I don’t care when somebody on the internet starts railing into liberals when from what can be seen in the context of their mindset is that the angry person wants to have the horrible aspects of society still be available to themselves. They want to be homophobic, intolerant in the 50s, 60’s way of marginalizing folks, they want to be able to tell rape and race jokes and screw them. Extremists on either side is bad, but for those who are just a hair away from wanting lynching and second class citizenship as their claim to hope and fame, f them.

    • ChristopherLowery1991

      I’ve somehow never caught this flick either. Appreciate the in-depth guide, y’all!

Sammy Ain't Seen Sh*t

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