November 9

SAMMY AIN’T SEEN SH*T! – Batman ’89

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Sammy Ain't Seen Sh*t

November 9

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    • Christian

      Hey Sammy, I like allot the way you and Ian approach these older movies. You guys have great chemistry.

      BTW can you also fix the Superman ’78 soundcloud episode? It stops abruptly when Ian is talking about Gene Hackman not wanting to shave his head.

    • primeministersynister

      Hey Sammy watch Batman- Mask of the Phantasm, if you haven’t.

    • chillichico

      I second Mask of the Phantasm. Up until The Dark Knight came out, it was the highest rated Batman movie. It’s still my favorite and arguably a superior telling of Batman Begins.

    • Topless Stang

      Guys…I cant believe you missed it, but the whole point of the Bat Wing was merchandising….did you forget after it caught the balloons it went in front of the moon & made the bat signal in the sky?? I still remember that from the first time I saw it lol

    • owenjhampton

      So happy Martin came by

    • Topless Stang

      You know what really grinds my gears…when people just want to talk about the dark & grittiness of the DCEU and talk about all the destruction in Man Of Steel. Growing up watchiong cartoon and reading comics I just assumed there was a ton of death and destruction. I mean what do you think would happen if super powered beings like Superman existed and fought somebody else with powers, especially those equal to his own. I mean it only goes to reason that many would die…to me it comes off as disingenuous and borderline moronic to think otherwise. When I saw them pretty much stop the Avengers from fighting off an alien invasion to save people I thought that seemed kinda dumb. It was equally as bad to see it happen in the DCEU when the heroes fought Doomsday….the news had to come on and report NO ONE was around to satisfy the fuckwits that got offended by the ‘realism’ in Man Of Steel.

      I’ve always been under the assumption that deaths were never shown as much in cartoons & comics because they were mainly meant for children. I’m talking about the classic/mainstream characters like the Justice League or most of the Avengers. The clip below is from Justice League Unlimited…it clearly shows people on the street during the fighting, windows that appear to have lights on and probably people behind them. Windows on several buildings get blown out & buildings are leveled. Did people complain or write into their broadcaster to complain? How about take to social media to talk about all of the death and violence in a cartoon….I’ll wait…

Sammy Ain't Seen Sh*t

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