September 25

SAMMY AIN’T SEEN SH*T – Blazing Saddles

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Sammy Ain't Seen Sh*t

September 25

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    • julien

      IT has ARRIVED!!!!

    • jnet

      Great show! When will the next one be up?
      I really like listening to Korey on this one. Again, great episode!

    • Tyler

      I just finish watching this movie for the first time today!

    • ironarmor

      Very interesting trivia on the fart sounds for theater. I’ve always laughed at that scene but always hated how fake the farts sounded. It’s easy forget how ephemeral the film experience was prior to vhs.

      Today’s identity politics wouldn’t allow BS to be made. In Living Colors’ Men on Film Skits are considered derogatory now. The have of course always been guys that hated equating gays with being flamboyant, and you now have gay stalwarts like RuPaul in contention with trans rights groups over use of the terms increasingly considered hate speech by the latter. With ad $$$ at stake, RP’s drag race show was edited to remove visual and audible references to the term she-mail.

      Overall, I honestly have to say this show lacks even more of the DT energy/humor/spontaneity than the retro reviews with Sammy did. This show also felt a little repetitive after seeing larger points first stated in the Gene Wilder remembrance.

      This show probably would have been a great live experience. Chat interaction and perhaps some video questions or comments ala Casual Call In could have bee included.

      Perhaps return to a proven DT format by dedicating an ep to the choosing of Sammy’s next film. Continue to run the the poll, but solicit video comments ala Casual Call In and perhaps call some people as Korey, Sam and any other crew discus why or why not a specific movie is a good choice.

      • ironarmor

        I want to emphasize my comments aren’t a dig at the hosts, just the format. We so them do better on other shows all the time.

    • Anonynonymous

      Great show. Do more.

    • Justin aka Ron Mexico

      Uhh, Korey!?…Sam Jackson was actually a recovering drug addict when he got the role as Gator in Jungle Fever. After a “crack-induced” meltdown, Jackson’s then 8-year-old daughter and his wife discovered Jackson on the kitchen floor surrounded by drugs and paraphernalia. He entered rehab soon after and has been clean since 1991.

    • Fusrahdo

      I nominate Battle Royale

    • GoodOl'Eric

      THAT was a FUN show. GREAT Job Sammy and Korey

    • Justin Z

      I actually really dig this whole history and lecture approach to the film review. It’s a way to distinguish from the regular review show because it’s not just judging the film, but also it’s legacy and relevance both in terms of the past and present. It flowed well and an hour is pretty much the right length.

      I have many, many films I can recommend, but I’ll wait until there is some form of ballot or something to contribute. Though I will say that Sammy should give Dr. Strangelove or The Best Years of Our Lives a shot if he hasn’t.

      I also think maybe it can be themed around watching a seminal work from a certain director or genre. So far Sammy has watched films considered to be one of the best of a given director (Jaws for Spielberg, Pulp Fiction for Tarantino), so the context of the review can be framed around judging that film to the director’s career like it was in this video.

    • jhbasham

      He should watch Annie Hall

    • frightie

      Good show. Interesting to hear the opinions along with the trivia. Looking forward to the next segment!

    • driving_sloth

      Great show! I haven’t seen shit either so I’m watching these older movies along with you guys also and finally checking them off my list.

      You guys need to put a weekly schedule up of the movies or at least mention which one you’re reviewing for next week so can (re)watch it beforehand!

Sammy Ain't Seen Sh*t

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