November 5


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Sammy Ain't Seen Sh*t

November 5

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    • Sun God

      I won’t judge Sammy on this one. I’ve never seen fight club.

    • Shogun of DT

      Man these polls kinda upset me

    • Kevin King

      I’d like to add The Island of Dr. Moreau (1996) to the Punishment category. That movie is such a fascinating disaster.

    • April Johnson

      i really enjoy this segment

    • April Johnson

      tbh, gone with the wind is one of my favorites – so i could not stand to see korey and sammy make a fool of it… it would hurt. anyhow, i voted for north by northwest – which i find to be a really fun watch… annie hall would be good too – i think sammy would like it

    • April Johnson

      also, mia makes some good points..just lovely

    • Gerald

      This movie influenced a lot white kids at my high school to start their own fight clubs when It came out 1999.

    • Ladyplf

      I am surprised to see that Sammy doesn’t get the movie. Sammy represents a lot of younger people who have lost their spirits. He was protected so much that he is used to his safe spaces. This movie is about fears and confronting the scary things in life. It’s about confronting life head on and not cowering in our fancy houses or our fancy cars. Fight club is a desperate cry of a generation to feel something, feel anything instead of being brain dead and brain washed. Miss Mia gets it.

      • hardcorehenry

        As someone who is even younger than Sammy I disagree. This movie and book was made for the late eighties and 90s Generation. However it is very applicable today. Its not like Millenials don’t feel trapped by consumerism and mediocrity. However as anti consimerist as this movie may be it also points out Tylers hypocrisy with Tylers image. From his fashion choices to his body type. My point being, its not like young people won’t understand this movie because we were coddled and protected in “safe spaces.” Sammy speaks for himself and him alone.

    • Doc Sportello

      These polls Korey set up are excellent xD. In regard to the polls:

      All time classic = The Godfather (Because…You just gotta. You just gotta.)

      Comedy = The Big Lebowski (The look on his face watching this would be priceless)

      Fan favorite = The Shining (literally everyone and their mother has seen the Shining at this point. Don’t leave my boy behind)

      Punishment (oohhh) = inAPPropriate Comedy.

    • Reza

      you just don’t get it sammy goddammit! p.s love you.

    • Daniel Brennan

      The idea that we live in a world without struggle is definitely locked into the mind of a 90s white guy, although the anti-consumerist themes in this film are still just as relevant to the first world.
      There’s people out there who would literally stab you if it meant getting some hot new Apple product ahead of release.

    • Daniel Brennan

      Compared to the people who see Fight Club and actually buy into Tyler’s extremism for an afternoon, Sammy’s actually having the reaction Fight Club wants.
      He just can’t get his head around the fact that Fincher and Palahniuk are also against Tyler. I don’t know why that’s so hard for him to understand.

    • driving_sloth

      I liked having Miss Mia on the show! She got the movie! It’d be cool to have Martin on the show instead of Korey every once in a while too (not that Korey is doing bad or anything). I liked the review. Definitely disagree with Sammy. I’m around his age and the messages in Fight Club are still relevant today.

    • George Petrie

      Sammy, were you born on a fucking commune? How tight were your parents, man?!

    • RedKool8

      Sammy you should shave.

    • Ryan

      Damn Sammy, it’s a movie. It’s not trying to tell you how you should live your life, it’s trying to entertain you by showing you things you can’t or wouldn’t actually do

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