December 2


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Sammy Ain't Seen Sh*t

December 2

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    • radiocarolla

      Sammy doing a good job on these. I always liked it better when Korey was in on these non-main shows, but it seemed he was more of an interference here. Sammy had an outline of the show and points to touch on but Korey would come in ahead and kind of rush them to the point. I got really annoyed for Sammy. Maybe it’s not Sammy’s show but I kinda liked the last 2 where there was no Korey.

      • JayWIll

        I disagree. Its all constructive criticism. Korey & Martin have been doing this for years. They know the flow & pace to these shows. If its not up to Korey’s standard then he has alright give feedback. Its his business and he wants all the shows to deliver. But he also wants to bring the best out these guys & gals.

    • Vill Walle

      1,2 Trump is coming for you
      3,4 Better lock your bedroom door
      5,6 Get your sombrero fixed
      7,8 Don’t procrastinate
      9,10 Go to Bass Pro and get a tent
      11, 12 Go fuck yourself!!!!

    • Michael-Orian Bockus

      They need to make past shows more easily accessible. When you click on ‘all shows’ we do not get all the shows

    • Danny olivares

      trying to watch some of the shows, but it wont let me says it’s an invalid channel

Sammy Ain't Seen Sh*t

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