October 14


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Sammy Ain't Seen Sh*t

October 14

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    • April Johnson

      oh my god this is one of my favorites. i used keep it out of stock at blockbuster

    • April Johnson

      he should watch the shining next

    • KoreysDrunkenMistakefromShelly

      Ahhhh Hocus Pocus , every time I would watch this movie growing up , my alcoholic mother would say ” I remember your fucking father took me to watch this piece of shit (takes a swig of whiskey) FUCK HIM”

    • Ceaseless

      I was so excited for this only to realize that I was confusing Hocus Pocus with the The Witches (1990). The movie where a boy gets turned into a mouse at a witch convention in a hotel. Anyway, guess I’ll be back after I go watch the actual Hocus Pocus movie.

      • Ceaseless

        So I’ve had a chance to watch the movie now. I think I may have even seen it before, the witches themselves seemed familiar but other than that nothing came back to me. So watching the story unfold was like it was completely new to me.

        That said, overall I enjoyed the movie but wasn’t until about 1/3 of the way through that it won me over completely. It’s fitting that the only faded impression I could recall was of the witches. They definitely give standout performances, especially Bette Midler as Winifred. Little Thora Birch as Dani is worth mentioning as well. The character Max’s behavior as a typical petulant teenager and the light high school drama he was involved in was a big part of why I didn’t enjoy the earlier parts of the movie as much. However, he did redeem himself eventually once the adventure was underway in earnest.

        Doesn’t quite make the cut to be added to my personal list of traditional Halloween movies (no doubt nostalgia would have helped in this regard). Still, as a one time thing it’s a fun watch and I even did so in one sitting for the most part, which rarely happens with me these days.

        Now to watch the show…

    • pixi4688

      me and my sister would rent this movie over and over my mum fucking hated it must be a generation thing.

    • Martin

      Considering that this is a pre-recorded show, I thought Sammy did very well.I especially liked the research he seemed to have done for it and could thus explain a bit about the cultural impact the film has had. This is something I mention in lights of me not being from America and furthermore does not have much of a knowledge of the film.
      In conclusion, Sammy needs some more training, which will come along by repetition and having him control the show seemed to make him more comfortable. This is said on basis of how Korey took control of previous segments.

    • Vill Walle

      I guess when your roommate asked to do a show they get it quicker… It took Ray months to get the sports show but this dude gets his own because he’s Korey’s roommate…. Segment sucked.

      • ironarmor

        It’s easier to integrate a movie related show into the existing lineup and get good YT hits on it as well. Coleman’s been generous by allowing Ray sound cloud and snippets on the YT page. But like Will’s spoiler show, the sport concept might not meet the criteria for a successful DT show.

    • Rebecca

      Really enjoyed this segment, guys. Looking forward to the next one!

    • KD

      Korey looks weird on that side. Im use to him controlling everything. He looks like Ricky Bobby when he doesn’t know what to do with his hands during a interview.

    • Thomas

      Good work Sammy :)

    • Julie

      Nice work! I really liked this episode, very intimate and focused.

    • ramonatorres29

      Wait……………..Ms Mia is only 21?????

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