December 4 at 3:00am

What Up Son?! – 12-4-17

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What Up Son?!

December 4

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    • Wayne

      Korey made very weak arguments in support of the law that allows people to sue someone because their relationship ended, but Danielle unfortunately isn’t articulate enough to provide a legitimate argument against what Korey was saying.

      • Wayne

        I agree with Danielle’s position, just not all the words she used to support it.

        In a marriage, people have made a contract to love and care for each other. If one of the people involved in the marriage commits adultery, the charge of emotional distress should be against the spouse who made the contract, and not the person or persons who are the items of infidelity. I shouldn’t be able to sue the other person because my contract of love did not involve them, it involved my partner.

    • dholdt

      Did Korey just call Bosnia a third world country? The court was held in Hague and and the war criminal took place as a part of a war in Bosnia. Both contries is in Europe.

    • GoodOl'Eric

      Awwww. That was a great conversation about confidence after a good time with the foolishness. I love this show

What Up Son?!

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