January 8 at 3:00am

What Up Son?! – 1-8-18

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What Up Son?!

January 8

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    • Wayne

      Did Korey forget that Bernie Sanders ran against Hillary Clinton for the Democrat party nomination? Many people believed that Sanders earned a nomination and was sincere in his motivations for president, but Clinton manipulated the nomination process.

      Oprah has much more of a chance at being president because people are focusing more on celebrity than policy when it comes to political office.

    • Nick

      Hey Korey I can name a Democrat that ran against Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. BERNIE FUCKING SANDERS! You know the guy who gave her a run for her money in that last election

    • videocop

      Regarding the “im going to put a baby inside you” story – whats with the “mind your own business” stance? Im not saying you should get aggressive but you should definitely not mind your own business if theres a potential sexual predator stuff going on…

    • Justin Perea

      “needing nothing, attracts everything”
      Are you just saying lowering your expectations makes you happier? lol

What Up Son?!

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