January 7

The Sunday Service – 1-7-18

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The Sunday Service

January 7

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    • thomasearlva

      The reason they could get by is because it’s large enough of a group that consequences are largely mitigated. Job loss in one place can be replaced by supportive elsewhere. Also, depending on offense, sometimes trial by public opinion is worse than proper justice and courts counter support. Weird times, but it’s a very divided world. So what are the people who’ve been busted or just accused doing now, after the fact?

    • InfiniteMega

      Just to let everyone know the author of the book about Trump has a history of misquoting people and even making up quotes. Of course Whorey Coleman is not going to tell you that. #FuckKorey.

    • InfiniteMega

      Even Tony Blair thinks the anti-Trump book is full of shit. https://t.co/dd4BhoFtQG #FuckKorey

    • pegasus

      korey just now realizing he had a dad bod?

    • Soapscum

      I’m going to have to take issue with you guys defending Trump over his “fake news” assertions. Those CNN, MSNBC, etc. stories that may have been misreported would not be fake news. Retracting a story that may have been proven false or misleading has always been part of journalism. They were still based on some sort of reporting and used sources but may have been misinterpreted or broadcast before all the facts were discovered. Trump did an excellent job in re-defining the term because fake news, in actuality, consist of outright made up articles and stories (usually on social media) meant to inspire outrage or to fear-monger. The Russians significantly utilized it to influence the election and when people say they hacked the election, it’s more that they hacked Americans minds. I appreciate your attempts to be fair but sometimes one may fall into that trap of forcing fairness to not seem biased which media outlets definitely did during the election and still do in spite of appearing hostile to Trump. I hope this book is accurate, I hope it gives Robert Mueller some more information to work with, and I hope it helps people realize what a horrible mistake our fellow countrymen made and motivates them to vote for his opponent in 2020.

      As for movies, Martin’s list was truly interesting. It’s nice to know that there are other great 2017 animated films other than ‘Coco.’ It’s also interesting to note how many of this year’s best films came out before Oscar season, and how a lot of this year’s Oscar contenders seem pretty weak as opposed to some of the big studio, genre films that came out.

      I’ll shut up now. I look forward to the Double Toasted crew’s “worst of” lists now. Girts’ will probably be everything that wasn’t mentioned in his “best of” list.

    • Scojo

      InfiniteMega has a history of liking Logan Paul videos and keeping a shrine in his bedroom.

    • InfiniteMega

      So Scum thinks that Antifa is being mis-represented despite video footages of them causing property damage and attacking women? Or how about the 2000 German women that were sexually assaulted by Radical Muslims? I guess those rapists were peaceful in the VIDEO that I saw. You Libtards are mentally ill. And I don’t expect Scum to talk his way out of this one as he fucked himself. #FuckKorey.

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