September 10

The Sunday Service 9-10-17

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The Sunday Service

September 10

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    • Kevin King

      Oh shit! Cargill talking about It?! Can’t wait.

    • KirbyKirb

      Have Cargill give out free copies of his new book.

    • Wayne

      Nobody accidentally says the word ‘nigger’. It saddens me that the kids are so easily giving this infractions a pass. Let’s not get ourselves twisted trying to come up with excuses for clearly detestable behavior.

      I’m glad that Martin challenged people’s excuses.

    • Soapscum

      Korey’s mom’s new nickname is “The Hurricane!” Irma “The Hurricane” Coleman.

    • Thomas

      The Pewdiepie discussion was atrocious.
      The whole discussion was simplifying several things and the majority of people involved had no idea of what they were talking about.

      Martin had very limited knowledge on the subject and Sammy not only didn’t know what he was talking about, but also spread misinformation. Korey and the kid was the only ones with some knowledge about the situation. But even though the kid was brave you cant expect him to debate 3 grown ass men pilling onto him, on air in front of hundreds of people and give a reasonable argument.

      That being said Pewdiepie should be held accountable for what he said. He is not only the most iconic and recognisable youtuber. But also the face of YouTube itself. He should be held to a higher standard since when shit like this happen it reflects on the entire site as a whole. Not to mention that among the famous lets players Pewdiepie has one of the youngest fan bases out there.

      • Lowkey

        Korey and Martin have a whole life’s experience as black men to know what they’re talking about. They have all the knowledge they need.

      • Thomas

        I am not talking about that aspect. I am talking about the aspect of the Youtube and Let’s play culture.

        As i wrote in the comment above i agree with them that what Pewdiepie did was inexcusable and that this should have consequences.

        But if someone says that they genuinely believe that a successful let’s player only needs to sit in front of a camera and make noises, all fans of let’s plays are sad people without friends and that Pewdiepie is a guy with no talent that just got lucky. Then you have no idea what you are talking about regarding the Youtube and Let’s play subject.

        I don’t like Pewdiepie or his content, but there is a reason why he wasn’t only a fad and has stayed relevant for so long. He has held the title of the number 1 Youtuber for almost 6 years in a row while there are content creators of much more talented than him that makes much higher quality content out there.

        But this shit goes deeper than just the racial slur. As Korey shortly mentioned all YouTube ad revenue has decreased because Pewdiepie pulls this shit. There are talented people out on Youtube whose job it is is to create higher quality than Pewdiepie could ever create, but when he does shit like this their entire livelihood is threatened because of this shit. If DT didn’t had its own side and using the subscription format this would have hit them extremely hard and they might had been gone in about a year or at the very least a drop in quality. Many other channels are not so lucky

        Not mention that several traditional media sites and government officials have been craving an excuse to censor YouTube into the fucking ground. Though it is more censored today than when it originally came out, the wild west factor still applies to YouTube.So even if we still get a shitload of videos that makes you lose faith in humanity (like those fucking prank videos), It also gives people who want to make the quality content the freedom to do so for a living.

        If this shit continues we might see a repeat of what happened to video games in the 90’s when the ESRB brought down the censor hammer or what happened to the comic book industry with the Comics Code Authority (CCA) in 1954 which that industry still feel the effects from today and never truly recovered.

    • David Lofton

      I want that shirt “I’m still a negro”

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