October 15

The High Score – 10-15-16

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The High Score

October 15

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    • InfiniteMega


    • Jevaughn Birch

      I got way too into this lol

    • jnet

      Girts: “No, I’m not apologizing for how I feel. If you don’t like it, that’s your problem. Take it up with God because I’m not helping you.” That was awesome. LOL.

    • VoiceoftheBoa

      LMAO I replayed the “TRIGGERED AS F**K” part so many times. Yo, we were going apesh*t on this guy in the chat.. LOLOL

    • Mr. Dupeep

      This guy’s argument was as pathetic as his “being triggered as fuck” statement. As a gamer since the snes and now a default pc gamer I’ve enjoyed games across all platforms. I feel like he would of had a better argument bringing up that the ps4neo/xboxS would be a situation alike an 500$+ PC where the gamer can expect & deserve better performance. Anyway, fun episode gonna watch false alarm now. Keep it toasty :v woowee

The High Score

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