October 22

The High Score – 10-22-16

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The High Score

October 22

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    • Bryce

      Just to let you guys know the Switch will be running on a new top of the line Nvidia pascal Chip that is on the power and most likely above the base PS4. The same reporter from The Wall Street Journal reported that devs are porting PS4 games to the Switch with ease. Also with the docking station when plugged up it gives the console extra power and the target is 1080p 60fps on the docking portion of the console. When the Wii U was first announced it recieved praise from the devs working on it but then later a year before release the same devs praising it was talking horribly abuot it with companies that is supporting the Switch like Epic Games and Bethesda never even touching a Nintendo console for over 15 years. The Switch is special and it will sell well, Unreal Engine 4, Bethesda, Epic Games, and all of the third party devs wouldn’t be supporting it if it was under powered and they would have talked horribly about it by now with it coming out in 5 more months. I have a feeling the Switch will be another Wii situation with sales and selling out very easily. I am happy the Switch isnt just a underpowered PC like PS4 and Xbone. http://wiiudaily.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/nintendo_switch_partners-1140×754-640×423.jpg?x74487

    • InfiniteMega


    • Devonte

      Goodwin you know all you had to do was take the horse rides/taxis and skip to destination in Red Dead right lol?

    • jnet

      I thought the song said, “I need you like BACON needs eggs” not …a BAKER needs eggs.” Either way, I’m looking forward to the Nintendo Switch!

The High Score

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