November 19

The High Score – 11-19-16

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The High Score

November 19

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    • InfiniteMega


    • Thomas

      Great show tonight guys :D
      Currently watching the game in post while working :)

      Very disappointed with Watchdogs 2 though, I had hoped Ubisoft would learn from their mistakes.

      One of the many problems with the first Watchdogs was that the main character Adrian was a unsympathetic asshole, terrorist and overall unlikable character. This new main character seems more likable, but you are still terrorists that get innocent people killed. It would be one thing if the main characters was bad people like most of the main characters in the gta series, but the fact that the game plays the main character up as a hero and is unapologetic for killing innocents makes the story not work.

      Not to mention that the gameplay is a lost opportunity. If the game was centered around sneaking, hacking and brains over brawn it would make this game stand out on its own and be unique. But when they turn the character into a parkour, automatic weapons, get away driver and hand to hand combat expert they make the hacking a background gimmick and overall just makes the game into an inferior GTA clone instead of being unique on its own.

      Sorry for long rant :P

    • Bryce

      The tthing with Watch Dogs 2 is that from my view, it wasnt even suppose to be a game where you kill, it is suppose to be a non lethal game. It’s basically the same concept as MGS3 but reverse. In MGS3 if you olay the game non lethally in cut scenes it seems like you are killing people in the game even though you aren’t, while in Watch Dogs 2 when you kill people in the game it is never mentioned. I feel like the best way to play Watch Dogs 2 is stealth and non lethally, I feel like that is the canon way o play, not killing.


      anime artists need to draw Japanese characters with no European features because they are ashame of theirown looks that’s why they always draw white people in anime
      until they fucking fix that bullshit you cannot fucking complain if a live action movie is played by a white character

The High Score

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