December 31

The High Score – 12/31/16

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The High Score

December 31

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    • leonardshelby17

      will we be getting a top 5 best and worst games of the year or will we be getting a tie with each choice, Coleman style, equaling a top 10?

    • Bryce

      Ellie is the main character in Last Of Us and they made her gay

    • Bryce

      Star Fox Zero was shit

    • Dirtbag Daryl

      I don’t know if Girts has played Dark Souls 1 or Bloodborne but they are better in comparison to 2 and 3. 2 and 3 have more artificial difficulty rather than challenges. Also probably due to Dark Souls 1 being fresh for its time and Bloodborne changing a lot.

    • julien

      …….the telltale batman game worked perfectly for me.. day one..on xbone

    • Justin Perea

      Korey get Sun and Moon its fun as fuck

    • Hyperfang

      To make some sense of why the eagle is featured in the film so much, it is supposed to be symbolic. In the game they explain that eagle offspring inherit their instincts from their decedents just like the assassins which is why the eagle is shown in present time and in the past. Unfortunately they do not put this analogy to good use in the film which is why the eagle make no sense. Also the original assassin from the first game was called Altair. Altair means ‘bird of prey’, before he takes the leap of faith he spreads his arms like wings and you hear the eagle call.

      As for the apple, it too is symbolic of original sin and corruption. Its supposed to represent the apple from Adam and Eve. Before they took a bite in to it they lived in harmony in the garden of Eden, this is why they keep saying it will ‘cure violence’.

The High Score

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