January 7

The High Score – 1/7/17

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The High Score

January 7

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    • Bryce

      If anyone cares about the Switch here is somethings that I heard from a source of mine that is lining up with rumors that is goung around the web:
      -The Switch will have only 30 minutes to get to full battery with the power of USB-C
      -With the Power of USB-C the Switch will be able to upgrade both the device and dock if needed to, such as they making the device stronger as well as selling a 4k dock down the line.
      -Beyond Good and Evil 2 will make it the the Switch before PS4, Xbone, and PC as a year exclusive with a trailer most likley coming aout the 12th during the Switch live stream in Japan
      -Zelda will make launch
      -There will be an exclusive Rabbids Mario RPG as a collaboration with Ubisoft, the game will play like X-Com and the music will be composed by Grant Kirkhope composer of both Banjo and Kazooie as well as Yooka Laylee
      -Skyrim Special Edition at launch
      -Guardians Of The Galaxy Telltale game a couple of weeks after the Switch launch, will launch the same times as all platforms
      -The Switch is the easiest to develop for out both the PS4 and Xbone
      -Gamecube games will come on virtual console with Melee (with Melee getting extra support for competetive tournaments), Luigi’s Manson, And Sunshine coming at launch
      -Splatoon at launch with new content and potential pack in at launch
      -A main line Pokemon game codenamed Pokemon:Stars will come to Switch being the first home console main series game as well as being the first main series HD game
      -Xenoblade, Mario Kart 8, Smash 4, Splatoon, and Mario Maker will get enhanced ports with better online functionality and new features. Smash 4 will have a few new characters and content, Mario Kart will have a new battle mode, stages, and characters, Splatoon will have a new 1v1 mode, new maps, and more customization. Idk about the other games, the reason for these ports is because it’s some of the best Wii U games but the Wii U didn’t sell well, also the ports are made by different teams and not the companies that made the games.
      I met my source at a cyber security competition and this person was a game developer for several companies as well as not working on a game journalism website, I will still take this with a grain of salt but saw many of the things I heard also said by people that are very credible, Nintendo will hold their event for the Switch on the 12th so I can comeback to this list and see how much of these rumors were right.

      • Bryce

        Also this isnt a rumor but it’s confirmed. The Switch will be able to use Unreal 4, Vulcan, Open GL, NVN (Nvidias newest api) and ever other modern API, with this news the Nintendo Switch will support more API’s then the xbone and Ps4 pro, and most likely the Scorpio as well but I can be wrong.

      • MarcusK

        Most interesting Bryce! Most interesting indeed…

    • Kadeem The Dream

      I’d love to wreck Goodwin in Injustice 2 when it comes out

    • Justin Perea

      I request that the whole crew plays drawful and fibbage for a drunk show

    • Ryan

      Why do these cameras look like shit all of a sudden? Did Korey switch out the cameras?

The High Score

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