September 10

The High Score – 9-10-16

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The High Score

September 10

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    • 3ddy

      I showed up wayyy late. Wtf did I just show up to w/ Felix singing. XD

    • jabrethornton

      I am not happy about EA with their plans to make money, but I understand it. These games are costing many millions of dollars to develop, and the company has to make its money back plus a profit. It’s a fine balance walking between pleasing the customer and the bottom line.

    • TracksuitDracula

      I dont get on the chat much anymore but after watching this i am kicking myself for missing out on this glorious fucking trainwreck. I havn’t laughed that hard in a good while.


      fuck you EA you fucking cunts

    • Ryan

      That ending of Hallelujah with Girts had me fucking dying lol

    • Shane

      I bought a whole bunch of collector’s editions for €100-150. But this always came with a statue and the game + DLC/season pass/whatever. Ubisoft usually gives you the Season Pass too, which I like.

    • ramonatorres29

      I’m seriously never buying another Sony product again. Fuck them.

The High Score

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