September 30

The High Score – 9-30-16

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The High Score

September 30

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    • InfiniteMega


    • Jeffrey Parker

      Now, to wait for it to get uploaded…

    • Monkey Daddy

      Shit I didn’t even realize it was last night

    • Thomas

      Regarding the FIFA thing I wish I could sympathize.
      But honestly, what the fuck did they expect would happen when they removed customization from not only one of the most worldwide multicultural sports in the world, but also one of the most fanatical ones.

      Remember this is the sports where entire continents regards it as a religion, gang wars have been started over it and the fans in some countries riot and try to burn down their hometown even when their hometown wins!

      I have never been a fan of football, but having grown up in a country that is only mildly fanatic about it I know how crazy some people can get regarding this sport.

The High Score

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