April 19

The Movie Review Extravaganza – 4-19-17

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The Movie Review Extravaganza

April 19

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    • cptpeanutbutter93

      Overall Prediction Rating

      FreeFire-Full Price/High Matniee

      Unforgettable-Bullshit/Fuck you (Martin might give this a Rental, cause of Rosario fine ass)

      City of Z- Matinee (Goodwin or Girtz, might say something to trigger Korey on the review of this)

    • Kirk Morrison

      Free Fire reminds me of the end of Pineapple Express. I’ll see it when i see it no rush at all.

    • spudermon

      “For you, it was the day I pissed you off. For me, it was Tuesday.” Will Valley a cold motherfucker.

    • OdO

      Lost City of Z was amazing. The ending wasn’t as open ended or mysterious as I’d wished, but damn, everything else is great.

    • frightie

      I personally dug The Void and this is coming from a huge horror fan. Though, I went in knowing it was simply a throwback to past greats from the genre, primarily early Carpenter (specifically Prince of Darkness). And in that respect it does its job pretty well. I’ve seen a lot of recent indie horror that tries to capture the look and feel of older horror, but try entirely too hard and fail, whereas The Void managed to pull it off quite well with the atmosphere and imagery it offered. And of course the great practical gore effects only made things better, in my opinion anyway.

    • julien


    • ncabrera001

      She broke Goodwin lol @ 2:48

    • ljweldon64

      Ok dude said he loved It Follows. You lost cred with me. That movie was bad!

The Movie Review Extravaganza

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