July 12

The Movie Review Extravaganza! – 7-13-17

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The Movie Review Extravaganza

July 12

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    • cptpeanutbutter93

      Can’t wait to hear Ray review

    • Kevin King

      Haven’t heard from Ray in a while. Hope his demon is doing OK.

    • Dvac

      Yeah, Missed the double dribble nice to see he’s still around

    • bjarum1

      I thought Sammy was well-prepared and fairly solid. I was pleasantly surprised.

    • Naruto

      Senpai noticed me

    • boblebob

      sammy did alright

    • Christian

      First belated congratulations Korey! Now Sammy did a good job on the Roast and Toast. He and Ian have great chemistry on their separate show, for the free episodes I got to see/ listen to. He had a rocky start on the Tuesday show but his Co-Hosts made it work until he got into the rythm. My only problem with Sammy is that he seems that he’s always trying to compensate and he throws random jokes and makes jabs at people just for filler. That’s my criticism and I still listened to the RT episode 2 times. The Geostorm trailer talk was the highlight of that show.

      I’m happy to see Ray again. ToneRoyal needs to find his place on the DT schedule because he’s got good flow and chemistry with the crew. Oh and btw there’s was a drought of free shows when Korey C. got hitched, maybe you can make the Sammy ain’t seen Shit Planet of the Apes episode free? Wink win nudge nudge plz plz ;)

    • Carl Liggins

      Shout out to Dynasty repping the Lou and Super Sentai

    • Wayne

      Method ass whoppin’

      Instant classic

    • mwatuzhinjimwale

      Why why why do that to Sammy he did a good job on the show

    • WhiskeyWolf

      If you don’t like Sammy that’s fine. Don’t watch him…But all you who wanna keep snitchin to Korey about every little thing need to grow up. Some of y’all some snitch bitches.

    • Brian K.

      Sammy is a good host if you like to listen to someone who finds racism in nearly everything. Almost every show he’s on he must mention race in some way or shape. I’ve noticed this for a while now. It’s annoying, diversify your game man.

The Movie Review Extravaganza

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