March 19

The Sunday Service 3-19-17

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The Sunday Service

March 19

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    • Nick

      Yo guys the full screen ain’t workin on my lap top

    • Nick

      Despite what I’m sure Korey Goodwin is about to say I personally think that Iron fist got better as the season went on

    • cptpeanutbutter93

      I like IronFist story better than DareDevil. For me, I just find it more interesting and less predictable. But nearly everything else in DareDevil is better from acting to action.

    • renjdavis

      Iron Fist was an absolute waste of time. It takes sheer force of will to power through it. Its biggest problem is that it lacks any sense of purpose and doesn’t feel like it has anything to say. It’s just a simple and generic story with out anything elevating it beyond its basic plot. Danny suffers from poor writing and acting. The material isn’t good and Jones doesn’t know how to rise above the shit material. It got relatively more interesting as it progressed, but only barely and the interesting stuff gets resolved far too easily. I hope I can hear your further thoughts on this show because Goodwin’s thoughts were very cathartic for me.

      • renjdavis

        Also they should have given Danny some sort of mask that covered his face. That way it allows them to hide the stunt double use their fighting skills in the action scenes. The benefit of Daredevil’s costume is that it is easier to hide the stunt double, so he can have more interesting fight scenes.

    • Ginny L.

      My review on Iron Fist is that while I don’t despise it completely, I’m thoroughly disappointed in its quality. There are some moments I think should count as positive, but they were overshadowed by its flaws. There’s just so much potential, that’s wasted. The key elements, such as story, characters/acting, action/fight choreography, lighting even, some did well, but again, so many needed improving, or more time to take love and care on. I’m floating on a Rental/Low, low Matinee.

      If I were to do this show, I would have leaned more towards the mystical, kung-fu action aspects of the show rather than the same-old corporate business. That could bring a good change to what we’ve seen on the more grounded shows, like Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage. I know that would fly towards the danger of appropriation, but whatever it takes to make this show watchable and entertaining. I’d do something inspired by what Doctor Strange or Kill Bill Vol. 1 did.

      Do you think it would be a good idea to get rid of the showrunner of Iron Fist? I know he’s doing the Inhumans, so it’s going to be a difficult thing to do, but I don’t feel confident if he’s around…

      For me, until they find the right person (people) to be committed to the show and the themes and tones surrounding it, I think it’d be a good idea for Iron Fist to stick with team-based shows, such as the Defenders or Heroes for Hire (if they greenlight it).

    • Twilight Ronin

      Lord, I can only imagine how great Iron Fist would’ve been if they had brought Scott Adkins (or someone of his caliber)to play Danny Rand. Very disappointing indeed.

    • Sammu El Jacksion

      In defense of Iron Fist.
      It’s a rental at best. However, it is not as terrible as Korey makes it out to be. The Drunken Master calls Danny out on allot of his motivations throughout the series. He is wearing the Iron Fist as a mask.In the comics, Danny always ends up being the downfall of the Rand company due to his ideals. In Defense of Finn Jones, he claimed he had one day to learn his fight scenes per episode due to casting being prolonged. All other complaints of the show are valid. Bride of nine Spiders fight scene is underrated.

    • Sammu El Jacksion

      Does anyone remember anything besides the terrible fight scene in Luke Cage after Cotton Mouth was killed?

      • Ryan

        Spoilers, dude. Thought Luke Cage was pretty much shit though so don’t really care much

    • frightie

      It’s sad about Iron Fist, because I liked it at first, but grew tired of all the family drama and it just became a chore to get through by the end. I personally consider it the weakest of the 4 Netflix hero shows. It’s just weak all around, weak characters, writing, and action.

    • cesar-valdovinos

      i had someone try to scam me the other day by the phone. They told me i was late on my car payments by over six months. I then went to my home phone and called people that take my payments and told me my car payments was paid ahead by a year. I went back to my cell phone and said fuck you and hung up.

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