July 16

The Sunday Service 7-16-17

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The Sunday Service

July 16

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    • cptpeanutbutter93

      This sounds like a good line-up for topics, and please give the intern so more time on camera. Rather than Samathan

    • videocop

      calling it now, there will be a huge disagreement about the wrinkle in time trailer…

    • Justin aka Ron Mexico

      Wil the George Romero tribute will be on today’s show or Tuesday? #RIP

    • Nic-DB

      Bloody hell, someone tell us why the showtime is delayed, at least!

    • Immaculate

      Does anyone know where to find Martin’s famous Spill article on –
      why The Avengers will never get made? I imagine it might be archived on web.archive.org but that’s a haystack unless you know exactly where to look.

    • Brad

      Dammit Korey… It’s INFINITY “WAR” not “WARS”

    • Brad

      I wonder if they’d do a remake of Who Framed Roger Rabbit. I know they’d have to get Warner Brothers in on it. It’s aged very well and still holds up.

    • Asim

      Hey Korey thanks for reading my email. I am a dude lol. Will write something shorter next time sorry. Great show again ;)

    • Bat21

      A Wrinkle in Time is about a girl named Meg who has 3 eccentric neighbors. After her father, a physicist, disappears, she finds out her neighbors are aliens. They tell Meg her father has been kidnapped by an evil force and only she can rescue him. Meg, her youngest brother, a friend from school and the aliens travel through space looking for her father.

    • Ryan

      Damn, Sammy fucking up all those planet of the apes facts. Rise was made for 90 mil, Dawn was 170 mil, and War was 150 mil. Do your job, copy and paste.

The Sunday Service

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