May 14

The Sunday Service – 5-14-17

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The Sunday Service

May 14

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    • ironarmor

      Anyone else having problems buying this stream? I’ve tried different browsers and keep getting a blank page after clicking the Buy button.

    • Annie

      Same as well: tried hitting ‘buy’ – Got a ‘blank white screen’ instead

    • Naruto

      Please fire sammy that race baiting piece of shit

    • Efren John

      This is some Howard Stern shit.

    • Christian

      Where’s that great slice of High Score episode? I’m not posting this because of the Sammy incident. I always listen to the High Score and it got posted only once on Sunday. Please post the Gaming Show on time.

      I miss Danielle and I opt for that Relashionship show you guys were talking about. She really has very good advice and insight on dating and relationships.

      I also got the chance to see Alien Covenant yesterday. The movie hass totally become a slasher flick with some “interesting” ideas about the Alien mythos, if that’s what I could call what Ridley Scott is doing. There are tropes borrowed from Alien and Aliens and it has even created new tropes with the help of Prometheus. The characters are too many, bland and forgetful. Michael Fassbender is the best thing about the movie. The gore is very good, but there is a part with a character that got me really disturbed in a negative way towards the people that wrote this movie. They even show some elements of the xenomorph they should have never shows in really bad CGI. I would give the movie a 7/10 or a low Matinee.

    • ALLAN D

      bring back the casual call in show

    • Dan David

      One of the top 5 most awkward episodes ever posted.

    • Terry Rankin

      Damn that was messy.

    • Crayolablack

      Ive been saying fuck sammy since he started working there. Dude rides coat tails because he has no talent. Then he claims only him and korey are the ones that put their all into DT. Goodwin and Ray worked there for how long before they ever saw a check? Fuck that clown.

    • radiocarolla

      I admire Sammy for having the guts and gumption to move out of his parents and do what he loves. He’s clearly a hard worker and a good guy. But let’s face it, he’s also pretty spoiled. I’ve made this assertion before.

    • fjalhosani

      Don’t ever crash The High Score again with your bitchass, that’s the chillest and friendliest show on here and you done fucked it up Cringeworth Gonzales.

      Congratulations you played yourself.

    • spudermon

      FUCKING FINALLY. SAMMY’S BEEN GOING OFF FOR WAY TOO LONG. He’s always such a fucking dick in the chat, brings the whole vibe down.

    • WhiskeyWolf

      Haha. Yo Sammy, you still the dude. Ignore all this static bullshit. Stay mexellent brotha.

    • cptpeanutbutter93


    • Kevin King

      The end of this show was like…

    • Brad Jones

      No love for Alien 2: On Earth? :P Maybe that’s why Alien 3 didn’t go to Earth. Nothing could surpass this film!

    • jorge e garcia

      Dam, I really enjoyed that last part. Not for the drama but because I respect Korey as a boss. He didn’t let it linger for months then explode or throw the issue in when something else came along. Being a manager or boss, of anything makes it really hard to keep friends and remain their boss, but your real friends will understand when you have to get on their ass about something that you dont agree with. I respect the way you guys said what you had to say and i appreciate that you guys had the respect for each other to smooth out the issue by talking. Batman and superman could learn a lot from you guys. Just a word of advice sam, I think you have a good attitude, and good work ethics, but always remember that you are Koreys employee. You dont run the site or own it. At the end of the day you are just like everyone else. Just lay back, do your show, and do your job behind the cameras. Fuck everything else. What you did was disrespectful, it would be the same as if you were to complain about Koreys house when he let you stay there for free. No hate, much love brother, and just respect your job. Like you said, it is a blessing to work there and many, many people would kill to have your job. Sunday service is the best show on this earth and all of you guys are a part of my daily life.

      • That Guy Jv

        Yep. I’ve been listening for 7 years and I will always have respect for Kcoolman at gmail dot com.

    • Vill Walle

      Sammy is a bitch ass dude… Hype as fuck on the High Score… but a poodle when in front of the man… Talkin’ bout a bad boss… for someone who is sooooo “invested” into the company… you sure were generous with giving tickets away while not reimbursing the company…. let alone you apologized late as fuck… then had the nerve to blame the chat for your fucking actions… You’re no better then the orange menace man child in the White House… Bitch ass dude….

    • RaidenR2

      Lol @ Sammy telling Goodwin that no one watches The High Score. Sammy Ain’t Shit is probably the worst show on this site. Now THAT’S a show that no one gives a fuck about. Talking about his hotel bed having dookie stains lmao, he was probably the one who left them there.

    • Darlinho

      does any one how I can get the mixer code? I am interested in heading to the event in philadelphia

    • Soapscum

      If anyone gives a crap, my ‘Alien’ series preference goes: ‘Alien’=’Aliens’>’Prometheus’>’Alien vs. Predator’>’Alien: Resurrection’>’Alien 3′>I never saw ‘Alien vs. Predator: Requiem’ but I think it’s a safe bet that it would be dead last.

      Also, I like Sammy, I’m the last person who would ever jump on this hate bandwagon…but that really was kind of a dick move on his part. At least he isn’t Richard Spencer or Steve Harvey though, those guys really do deserve some of the hate they get, mores o Spencer, that memo was kind of a non-story. By the way I think Steve Harvey is an adulterer. I think he cheated on his wife. So there is some dirt on him already, but it’s kind of weak. No one really cares about marriage infidelity anymore. That goal post has moved quite a bit.

    • Justin Perea

      All I am saying is I don’t care if Sammy loses on camera privileges.

    • Jordan

      The Sammy stuff starts around 2hrs 20min. Don’t You Ever…

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