June 18

The Sunday Service 6-18-17

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The Sunday Service

June 18

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    • Adrianne

      Ooooo! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on All Eyez On Me. I saw it on Friday and it was an unholy mess! Tupac deserves better. Didn’t think it was possible to make a movie worse than Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur but Benny Boom proved me wrong.

    • Adrianne

      I’ve never seen Notorious but it had to have been better than this shit.

      • Ren Davis

        I’ve seen both All Eyez on Me and Notorious. Notorious is much more coherent and watches more like a film as opposed to a collection of scenes like All Eyez on Me.

    • 4413reed7

      Its hard to follow Straight Outta Compton, That was probably the biopic and movie I’ve seen in awhile! But I saw Notorious and I try to be as fair as I can with these things, but even I have to say it was a dumpster fire! Itss ad really

    • herbalt24

      Damn. All Eyez was like a comedy. Terribly produced!

    • Manil Arachchige

      I wanna be Carl when I grow up. That man is living a hellova life.

    • NiceGuy92

      Let me just say this as someone who is closer to your age Korey. I didn’t know Tupac personally but grew up in a time as a young black man when he was living. This movie is someolbullshit! B/c of the “talent” behind and in front of the camera.
      I saw Tupac in Atl perform at Clark Atlanta University’s Homecoming. And the Tupac I saw that night was drunk on stage, spit on the young black women)keep your head up?) in the front row of the crowd and had to be pulled off stage. He later had that shootout in downtown Atl with undercover cops. I say all of that b/c while I believe the man had a message in a lot of his music(as did many other rappers in the 80s and early 90s) there was also the Mr. Hyde/ Bishop from Juice asshole persona side as well.
      The only comparison I can make with Malcom X is that we never got a chance to see Tupac mature as a man and an artist. His story is tragic b/c a lot of his own actions, decisions and relationships were his own undoing. And the other tragedy is that his message has become even more amplified by the fact that there is this vacuum in music and Hip Hop culture in general. And the message younger “fans” are getting from Tupac isn’t complete b/c he died so young.
      I would encourage younger fans that list Biggie and Or Tupac as their favorite rappers or see them as “messiah” figures to dig a little deeper. The other performer that performed at CAU’s homecoming b4 Tupac that didn’t disrespect the crowd or get pulled off stage or have an “incident” after his performance has an interesting take on history and fandom.
      Boogie Down Productions, Build and Destroy:
      In history KRS is WELL advised
      But it’s something that my brain won’t memorize
      I don’t base my whole life on memory
      I base my life on my spirit and body chemistry
      Africa is the home of humanity
      Which makes the African a humanist, challenge me
      You gotta learn not to be so concerned
      With the original man, and see the criminal man, yeah!
      The now man, with the now plan, with the now tan
      With the right now genocide master plan
      Damn! We gotta think about stopping this
      God is not any black man on the land; God is conciousness
      When you understand this you’ll see Kris
      Until then, you can get dissed
      I’m not your prophet, messiah, minister, or savior
      Chill with that ill behavior
      I zero in like a laser
      You’re cuttin your wrists with a razor
      I got all type of flavors
      Yes I am the original teacher
      You gotta study the Qu’ran, Torah, Bhagavad Gita
      The Bible, Five Baskets of Buddha Zen
      And when you’ve read them shits, READ them shits again!
      But watch what you’re repeatin
      If you don’t know the history of the author
      You don’t know what you’re reading!
      Yeah I’m still the original
      Leaving MC’s lyrically miserable
      Their criminal syllables are minimal, show me respect BOY
      Cause I build and destroy!

      • bjarum1


        Interesting & good post, man. I’m close in age to you & Coleman as well. It’s still weird thinking of the 90s like history book stuff.

    • GoodOl'Eric

      Unless if you have family near by to baby sit you’re social life is done Korey.

    • byronXTREME

      Good show guys. Way to hold it down Korey.

    • Naruto

      Always about race with sammy… Just throw that fat bastard over the boarder already

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