April 18

The Weekly Roast and Toast 4-18-17

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The Weekly Roast & Toast

April 18

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    • cptpeanutbutter93

      Really, Korey you’re choosing the most generic trailer to review. I’m surprised you didn’t pick “Detriot”, with your boy John Boyega. It’s so much more interesting than this John Wick knock-off.

      • cptpeanutbutter93

        Hitman Bodyguard, even better pick for a discussion. Good last second pick 👍🏾

      • CeceW212

        You know how many generic trailers that was even more generic that they reacted? That trailer was actually interesting but hey, I also liked Hitman Bodyguard too.

      • cptpeanutbutter93

        @CeCeW1212 I’m sorry but it looks like any other assassin movie out there. They only thing that was interesting was Michael Keaton. Who probably not in the movie for long anyways. But if the movie turns out to be good, I’ll watch it.

    • Naruto

      Girts is the best part on every show

    • GoodOl'Eric

      Wait….Korey and Mia are on a DIET ?!?!? Ya’ll are skinny as fuck !

    • Carl Liggins

      I was kinda looking forward to hearing what they thought about American Assassin. Batman meets Punisher meets Jason Bourne

    • dholdt

      Mia got Korey walking around with two chihuahuas, sitting down peeing and giving up carbs. Next year we’re gonna see Korey at Coachella with flowers in his hair dancing around to Lana Del Rey.

    • corporatedrone

      schmoes know?! sweet! more info please!

    • julien


The Weekly Roast & Toast

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