July 11

The Weekly Roast and Toast 7-12-17

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The Weekly Roast & Toast

July 11

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    • fjalhosani

      Awwwww shit CRINGEHOST 3000 up in here.

    • fred sanford

      Sammy, you’re cool but you are NOT a good host. You’re not funny, not charming and hopefully you’ll just stick to your Sammy ain’t seen shit show with your loyal 23 viewers.

    • cptpeanutbutter93

      We don’t need Sammy bringing down the show with his stale jokes. Martin, Girts, and Goodwin will be fine. IDK why Korey keeps force feeding us this dude. When no one wants him. STAY IN THE BACKGROUND!!!!!

    • jcjonas123

      Hey let’s not tear into Sammy, personally I’m not his biggest fan but if you don’t like him just be respectful about it. Sammy I think you just need to work on your delivery and flow of jokes and speech. You seem to have great off camera chemistry with the gang if you translate that into on camera chemistry alot of the sammy-haters will have no choice to turn around. Nothing makes you better than practice. Also where my boy Ray at?!

      • jcjonas123

        Sammy just got a little over his head he aint really ready yet just too nervous

      • cptpeanutbutter93

        He literally has his own show, and no one complains about that. Because we thought we can avoid him easily. By simply not watching it. All of us “Sammy-Haters” can probably agree with that. But we have a problem with him spilling over to other shows. Like really dude, they could of had Korey G. host. And if they really needed to fill the fourth seat just have Ray or Danielle or the Ghost Christmas past anyone but him.

    • beastofbrooklyn

      Good shit Sammy!!! fuck these haters

    • GoodOl'Eric

      Great job holdin’ it down Sammy

    • EGGY Perez

      corey should have taking the reigns of the show…..sammys jokes are stale and feel force….i was hoping he would change and improve but nope still the same sammy….i like the guy i think he’s cool but off camera…..to much air time makes me want to punch him for some reason.

    • Twilight Ronin

      I’m glad that “Creepy Denise” joke back fired on you Sammy, it’s bad enough that Korey picks on her doesn’t mean you have to do the same, the poor girl doesn’t deserve it.

    • Soapscum

      I still don’t really get the Sammy hate. It’s fine to criticize (when it’s constructive) his delivery or on-air personality, I get that. I personally think he did fine and, if my picture is any indication, I can’t wait for that ‘Oogieloves’ podcast. Listen, Sammy may not be the perfect host but the hatred for him crosses the border (no pun intended, hahaha sorry) into hysterics.
      Also, everyone, for fuck’s sake, I hate to be the grammar Nazi but it’s ‘should have’ not ‘should of.’

    • dlfouche

      Wait…why didnt Korey Goodwin not host?

    • Wayne

      Y’all better leave Denise alone. Sammy trying too hard to make someone else be the butt of a joke.

      I enjoyed the show overall, but I expect better from Sammy by now.

    • pegasus

      i wont say i hate him. his show isnt terrible. goodwin’s just the better host. its disappointing.

    • MetalFace

      Got to say I’m disappointed That Goodwin didn’t get to host another Roast and Toast. That was one of my favorites last time.

    • VersaLife

      Dat triple face palm.

    • amdougl2019

      Jesus…. this would be SO much better if Sammy knew how to take a joke. like it’s okay to laugh at yourself but if you get super uncomfortable and try to rush past messing up or talk over people calling out your lame joke, it only makes it all the more obvious that you can’t handle it and cringe worthy as fuck Jesus. I’m sure Sammy is a good person, but he doesn’t have the social skills/or the self deprecating humor to host a podcast -especially, of all shows, the fuckin the roast and toast

    • GoodOl'Eric

      you guys forgot the most successful fighting crossover…

      Brock Lesnar

    • stevened1216

      How the hell did you guys forget Pokémon: the first movie when ash got turned to stone….I’m tearing up writing this damn comment just thinking about it.

      And the spongebob movie when they sang the goofy goober song while dying.

The Weekly Roast & Toast

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