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September 8

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    • thatoneguycpr

      “They don’t wanna sit down and have a conversation with these Nazis” Of course, it’s well known Nazi Germany was overthrown through civil discourse. It is interesting how in one moment you talk about how violence displayed by Antifa is bad, and in the next moment say something like “they forget the confederates and Nazis were defeated.” How exactly do you think these people were defeated? You claim that you’d prefer if we just ignored the Alt-Right but(despite your constant talk about intellectualism) seem to misunderstand their rise. The alt-right is a reaction, not to Antifa, but to a more accepting and diverse society. Some might even say Trump presidency was a reaction to the election of the first black president(though I think this lacks a bit of nuance). Simply ignoring these people will not make them go away, it will only allow them to gain more strength.

      You claim this country is great, and that the systems of this country are great, and yet you live and work in the criminal justice system. Are you so blind that you don’t see the constant injustice present in your field? Where a rich white man can afford to pay for a great attorney and get off a rape charge, but a poor black man might stay behind bars for not paying a fine, simply because he has no money to pay the fine, and then no money to pay bail.

      If you would like to sit down and have tea with Richard Spencer please, enjoy yourself, but don’t get mad if leftists get you confused for him and his.

    • KirbyKirb

      Mr. Vale Sir, Can you PLEASE do a Netflix’s review of the documentary Icarus? It’s a sports Doc about the Russian steroid use in the Olympus over the past 40 years. It’s one of the best Doc I have send in years and plus. I wanna see how you handle a sport movie.

    • Robert

      The combination of music, graphics, and well articulated conversation is absolutely delightful.

    • julien

      Got my jam, all i need is my toast!

    • Justin aka Ron Mexico

      Will, great job with the new Netflix and Will segment. It’s needed because as you stated the rest of the DT crew can only cover so much. My recommendations are: The Defiant Ones(HBO Music Documentary); Sneaky Pete(Amazon Prime) and BoJack Horseman Saeson 4(Netflix). Keep up the cool & creative content.

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