April 17 at 9:45pm

What Up Son?! – 9:45 pm CST

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What Up Son?!

April 17

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    • radiocarolla

      I like Oz, I really do. But this is definitely the weakest show on the site. Korey always talking about upping up the game of his “cast”, I wonder if he gives Oz some talk too.

      • spudermon

        na I’d put sammy’s show below this.

      • nattylite

        Same, I like Oz & Korey conversing for like a segment but not for the whole show…..the problem is that his train stories are very hit-or-miss and if it was anyone else then Korey would’ve “cut that bitch off!” I much prefer the variety format from before with guests and stuff.

      • spudermon

        actually, yeah. I’ll agree with nattylife. Putting this show above sammy’s isn’t saying much anyways.

    • Naruto

      Korey and Oz sounding like 50 year old men trying to be hip lol

    • Naruto

      Steven didn’t want to be famous he wanted to be caught by the police and shot.

    • spudermon

      why hasn’t this been posted yet

    • cptpeanutbutter93

      The D.T cursed worked for a good cause this time

What Up Son?!

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