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Toast to Toast – Cosmic Danielle in the Simulated Reality

May 18, 2018
Toast To Toast

Is our own universe nothing more than a simulated reality?

Tonight, Will gives Ian then night off so that we can say our farewells to Danielle one last time! In this special episode, we devote the entire show to the “Cosmic Danielle” conversation as we discuss the future of technology, simulated reality, quantum mechanics, space time, string theory, and even DIMENSIONS!!! It’s the Theory of Everything on Toast to Toast.

Things get a little philosophical as Danielle and Will debate the construct of death, the consciousness of dogs and cats, and discuss the potential of self driving cars and quantum computing. Who is Elon Musk? Where is Elon musk? Why is Elon Musk?

Is life a giant video-game? Does time exist? Do black holes matter!? Find out tonight!

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