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Cate Blanchett To Star In Lucille Ball Biopic – The Daily Double Talk

September 4, 2015
The Daily Double Talk


By Tommy McGrew

Lucyyyyy! You got some splaining to do!  I’m sorry I had to do it. I’m pretty excited to about this story seeing how I’m a HUGE Lucille Ball fan (just a fun little Tommy fact). Turns out Sony and Academy Award winning writer Aaron Sorkin (The Social Network) are making a Lucille Ball biopic starring yet another Oscar winner Cate Blanchett. Sony is clearly gunning for more awards with this one they broke out the A-team. Anytime you get Blanchett AND Sorkin involved on a film you’re obviously looking for gold statues. As fan though, this makes me want this to come out in theaters tomorrow. I grew up watching “I Love Lucy” it was a point I had watched every episode made and I remember being sad by that because I couldn’t see anymore new episodes (new to me anyway). Lucy was my first crush not because she was fine as hell (which she was) but because she made me laugh like no woman could. What made her so special was that she was ahead of her time, both comedically and socially. Her marriage to Desi Arnaz was pretty damn controversial at the time. He was very Cuban and she was very white so needless to say that didn’t go over to well with audiences in the 50s. But she never flinched, she said she wouldn’t of do “I Love Lucy” without Desi so the network folded, took a chance and next thing you know they had a classic on their hands. Recently, I sat down and watched an old episode of the show (season 3 ep. 13 if you’re curious) and I was surprised by how well it still held up. It’s better than most sitcoms even today. Interesting enough, the episode was about Lucy’s fear that Desi was cheating on her, which is ironic because that’s why they divorced in real life. That would be a mice tidbit for the film. No word yet when production begins but Lucy and Desi’s children also named Lucie and Desi Arnaz will be producing the film.

[Source: The Wrap]


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