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Does ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Not Get It Either? – The Daily Double Talk

September 3, 2015
The Daily Double Talk

fear the walking dead matt

By Tommy McGrew

For fuck sake, again?! Really, Robert Kirkman and Dave Erickson? Did you honestly learn nothing? If you haven’t been watching AMC’s Walking Dead spin-off Fear The Walking Dead, than you’ve missed out on one hell of a realization and that realization was, Walking Dead creator and his showrunner might purposely be killing off black men in their shows. Now, slow your roll, I’m not playing conspiracy theorist or anything but the fact that Fear The Walking Dead has killed off ALL three of it’s black characters within the span of only two episodes. All I’m saying is, it’s a bad look RK. After tons of fan complaints about how the original series seems to have a penchant for offing black men in some pretty horrible ways. This time around it was like the writers couldn’t contain themselves. I feel like they’re’s a resounding “Wooo, glad we got that out of our systems” in the writers room. I know another black character is coming in future episodes but fuck, he might as well just show up dead already, straight DOA. And I’m talking post zombie transformation bullet already in head. It’s getting to the point now that the most predictable thing in the show is the black guys gonna die, which is not only cliche as fuck but it’s just lazy writing. Dickerson told the Hollywood Reporter:

“I realize it’s clearly become an issue and it’s something we are mindful of, But ultimately it’s trying to tell the story the best way we can and cast the best people we can. I wouldn’t want to go back and recast a character just to avoid … if it doesn’t feel true to the character or the relationship — the relationship with Alicia and Matt or Calvin and Nick. When you’re dealing with a show where you have a cast that is as diverse as ours is, it’s inevitable that characters of color are going to get bit and are going to turn or die. If you look at the larger scope of this season, what people will see is that there is parity.”

Since we’re on the subject, if I could take a moment to knit pick, there was one subplot that, as a black man, did rub me the wrong way. So allow me to warn you ahead if time, YOU ARE ABOUT TO STEP INTO…

THE SPOILER ZONE: So don’t read from this point on, if you don’t want anything ruined for you:

The character of Nick or as I like to call him little Johnny Depp, is a strung out heroine addict, who’s just escaped from the hospital. His mother (Kim Dickens) goes to his straight-edge former BFF’s house to see if he’s been by. The guy is black, he’s cleaning the family minivan in front of a nice house in a seemingly nice neighborhood, he’s well spoken, clean cut, seems like a very regular, good guy. But later we find out he’s suppose to be some violent drug dealer, not any drug dealer either, but Nick’s main drug dealer, shocker. What made me uncomfortable about this was we saw a portrayal of a black man as what most of us are, just normal members of society. He wasn’t an athlete and didn’t seem like your stereotypical black drug dealer but he ended up as just that. They even went so far as to try and make him dress more “urban” after the revaluation. The whole thing felt very forced to me and I can’t figure why anyone would try to force that. It’s a message that may give some people a subtle thought of,”See, they’re all the same, even the ones that are well spoken and in no way seem threatening.” That’s not a good message. I’m not saying this was done purposely or the writers are racist. It could just be something that rubs me the wrong way, but regardless there still seems to be a lack if awareness on the part of Kirkman and staff. There’s still about six episodes left and a second season ahead of them, so plenty of time to redeem themselves.

[Source: Uproxx]


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