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THE GRUDGE REVIEW | AND MORE – The Sunday Service LIVE @ 5:30 PM CST

January 5, 2020
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THE GRUDGE REVIEW | AND MORE – The Sunday Service LIVE @ 5:30 PM CST

Watch COMING UP: Review for The Grudge, our favorite (weirdest) Golden Globes, Martin and Chris’ Top 10 movies of the decade, and more… from DoubleToasted on

It’s the first Sunday Service of the year! Join Korey and Martin as they talk about news of the week, the top 5 Weekend Box Office, plus your emails and house calls! Tonight we’re touching on Martin Thomas and Chris Herman’s Top 10 movies of 2019! Then, we’ll be reviewing The Grudge! Last but not least we’ll be talking about the weirdest Golden Globe moments!

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