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THE CURSE OF LA LLORONA REVIEW – The Movie Review Extravaganza #310

THE CURSE OF LA LLORONA REVIEW – The Movie Review Extravaganza LIVE – 8:30 pm CST

Hide yo kids and, well… hide yo kids ‘La Llorona’ is snatching up all these kids.

We know that James Wan has brought many a successful film but can this be another? Or will this be a movie that ends up fascinating the same crowds pumped out of every single movie release in the Conjuring series, etc? Find out during our review!

Also, let us know what you thought about the movie! Or Hell, let us know (as well as Martin who doesn’t like these horror movies) what your favorite horror films are, and what you’re excited to release this year! You can do that by sending us an email or letting us know in the live chat during our show! If you do however decide to let us know in an email, send it over to!

You can be part of the discussion tonight by going into the Amino app and searching Double Toasted! While you’re there make sure to follow Double Toasted and join our live chat by clicking here! You can even take one of our quizzes on Amino by clicking here! Not only can you take our quizzes but you can share your opinions via our polls

If you’re still wanting more of our content you can also check out our YouTube page by clicking here. Also, do not forget about our free audio reviews including our free version of tonight’s show posted on Soundcloud!


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