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REVIEWS FOR LITTLE | HELLBOY 2019 | AND MORE – The Movie Review Extravaganza #309

REVIEWS FOR LITTLE | HELLBOY 2019 | AND MORE – The Movie Review Extravaganza LIVE – 9:30 pm CST

We have another body switching movie with the black, female, reverse, non-superpower version of Shazam in ‘Little’. And is ‘Hellboy’ as hellish as reviews say?

We’ll find out tonight as we not only discuss the film but compare it to what fans were probably expecting when they not only heard the news about the film coming out, but seeing David Harbour in his Hellboy costume. We’re also going to be reading your comments during the live show as well as in the email portion of our night!

Let us know what you thought about these movies, and send your comments, questions, or complaints to! You can also check out both of these reviews on YouTube!

You can be part of the discussion tonight by going into the Amino app and searching Double Toasted! While you’re there make sure to follow Double Toasted and join our live chat by clicking here! You can even take one of our quizzes on Amino by clicking here! Not only can you take our quizzes but you can share your opinions via our polls

If you’re still wanting more of our content you can also check out our YouTube page by clicking here. Also, do not forget about our free audio reviews including our free version of tonight’s show posted on Soundcloud!


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