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F**K UP CLUB BEGINS | TOP TEN FILMS OF 2018 – The Weekly Roast and Toast LIVE – 9:15 pm CST

February 19, 2019
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TOP TEN FILMS OF 2018 – The Weekly Roast and Toast LIVE – 9:15 pm CST

With the 2019 Academy Awards show rapidly approaching, it’s time for us to discuss our Top 10 lists for the best movies of the year! Tonight we are going to go through our lists (Korey and Martin) and you never know what may come up! Is it going to be Green Book that tops our lists? The Favourite? Blindspotting? The only way for you to find out is to hang out with us during our live stream and find out!

Also, let us know what your favorite movies of last year was in the comment section below, or an email! You can send that email to! We are really interested in seeing what our audience says and where some of the biggest comic book movies end up on your list!

Also, stay tuned in for our weekly livestreams as the lists are not going to stop! Next week you will be hearing what we put on our Top Ten WORST of lists! Let us know what you suspect those lists to consist of as well, so we can see how well you know us come this time next week!

You can be part of the discussion tonight by going into the Amino app and searching Double Toasted! While you’re there make sure to follow Double Toasted and join our live chat by clicking here! You can even take one of our quizzes on Amino by clicking here! Not only can you take our quizzes but you can share your opinions via our polls

If you’re still wanting more of our content you can also check out our YouTube page by clicking here. Also, do not forget about our free audio reviews including our free version of tonight’s show posted on Soundcloud!


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