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Tim Kring Still Has Hope For ‘Heroes’ Series


It turns out the disastrous outcome of NBC’s rejuvenation of it’s superhero series ‘Heroes: Reborn’ hasn’t detoured it’s creator Tim Kring at all. The show was recently cancelled by NBC after bad ratings and even worse critic reviews. Look, full disclosure, I didn’t see not one episode of ‘Heroes: Reborn’ so I can only give my opinion based on what I’ve heard and what I saw in the original ‘Heroes’ series. Speaking of that abortion of a show, the original Heroes started off with tons of promise. It was the really the first superhero serial TV series, it came before, The Flash, Arrow and the Marvel Netflix shows. We had never seen a superhero show that wasn’t episodic up to that point and it was different and refreshing. Unfortunately, the show or should I say it’s creator Tim Kring didn’t fully realize it’s potential and the show dwindled into non sense, convoluted plots, and just plain bad television writing. To be fair the writers strike in 2007 did have something to do with the shows decline but they didn’t seem to want to get the show back on track. Apparently someone at NBC owed Kring a favor because they gave the show a second life with ‘Reborn’. Problem was, from what I hear, that show suffered from the exact same problems as the original. So it was really no surprise to absolutely anyone when the new show got cancelled. Turns out though Tim Kring still has hope that Heroes will live yet again. He sat down with TV Insider to discuss it:

“…I’ve also stated that if there was going to be more story, it would not be part of Heroes Reborn, but rather some future volume with a brand new story. Let me just say clearly for the record — the ‘Heroes’ universe is designed to be large and multi-platformed.”

Yeah, good luck with that Tim.

[Source: CinemaBlend]

January 22, 2016
Tommy McGrew

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