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Twitch FAQ

Our big move to Twitch has finally come, and we want to just take the time to answer a lot of questions that you may have for us all in one convenient place! Here is our most frequently asked questions!
Can I still watch/listen to Double Toasted on YouTube and SoundCloud?
– YES, that is not changing. In addition to watching live streams on Twitch, you will also be able to keep enjoying our content on YouTube, SoundCloud, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts.
Will the live streams be free?
– YES. During every stream, we will have to show three minutes of commercials, or 3 one minute ads an hour. If you are a subscriber, you will not see the ads.
*Subscription costs will also be lowered. More info on that in the future.
What is happening to the website?
– NOTHING. The site will remain the same, and all of the videos will still be archived and organized here.
What will subscribers get now that Double Toasted is streaming on Twitch for free?
– We will offer tier levels similar to what Patreon does. Subscribers will get special viewing parties, drunk shows, etc. *More info coming soon.
Can you still watch live streams on the website?
– YES. The Twitch player will be embedded on the site, so you will still be able to watch videos here. We will also be doing special streams for subscribers, and those videos will be available exclusively on the site as well.
What is happening to the chat?
– NOTHING. The CHAT-A-TAT-TAT is not going anywhere. We will continue to make use of and incorporate the site’s chat into the regular shows.
When will the transfer to Twitch happen?
– December 1st!
Is anything going to happen to the shows like The Sunday Service, The Weekly Roast & Toast, etc?
– NO. All of our current line-up of shows will remain the same. In fact, we will be adding more new shows in the future.
Will Twitch own all of Double Toasted’s content?
– NO. It is a partnership, therefore, Twitch will help promote the channel and in return take a small cut of the earnings. Twitch will not own any of Double Toasted’s intellectual property (IP) or the brand.
Will you still be able to promote DT merch?
– HELL YEAH! Don’t forget to go to to get that classic black tee with the white logo.

December 1, 2019
Nick Diaz

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