Posted on November 18, 2016 by Double Toasted


Well, if you're reading this, It could be assumed the Earth hasn't imploded in on itself; as so many figured it would have by now. Maybe that's a good thing, or maybe the worst is yet to come. Either way, it goes without saying that ever since Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, the world has seemed to take a bit of dire turn. Protests have drenched city streets in angered and unrestrained impulsive behavior. Mobile-captured videos have caught race motivated beatings, scoldings and upheavals of the status quo. People threatening to move or self motivated wannabe starters are clearing new ground for some type of "revolution"; all while Trump's alt-right cabinet picks make even Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, weasy. And with so much slow cooking, fermented unrest bubbling out of the pot, no one seems to be able to just accept the outcome and take the L.

Urban Dictionary describes "Take the L" as: "Take the loss". Frequently used to describe flunking a test, being dumped, being stood up, being beaten up or robbed, or losing one's money in the stock market, gambling, or through exploitative business schemes.

One thing The US is full of, is proud people. It's undeniable. RWB is in it's DNA. However, for many, that pride comes at the price of not fully understanding how to behave when you don't get what you want. Recently a video surfaced of a guy in Miami laying into a poor Starbucks' barista as he screamed bloody murder about his coffee taking too long to make. He then went on to announce his loyalty to Trump, and proceeded to erupt in the face of management when he was told to leave. On the flipside, a video surfaced of two teenagers dragging a Trump voter out of his car and beating him as onlookers watched with no interference. These are both extreme cases, but it is a very clear and polarizing look at the America that a Trump Presidency has incited, and it's only been a week...

Also since then, webbased op-ed articles seem to be pouring out faster than champaign on New Year's Eve; more than anyone can keep up with. Some of them are even about previously written articles. Many seem to "know why" Hillary lost, or suggest how Trump could get impeached. Or if you're the Huffington Post, you just make shit up and try to cleverly give a wink and a nod is to why you're posting "clickbait" as your major news article of the day. And now since the election, Google and Facebook have put into effect a new measure of checks and balances as they quell the internet from rumors and false news reports. Too little too late, guys.

But why is there so much anger or hatred for something that can't be changed? Many people are saying "Give Trump a chance" while others are equating that sentiment to "Give a captured marlin on the deck of a boat with an uzi 9mm strapped to it, a chance". Only one day after the election results, CNN went live in 6 cities across the country to reveal demonstrators wreck havoc in multiple communities. Some of these protests were peaceful(ish) but the ones that got primetime coverage looked like the beginning of a Will Smith movie. The irony being, if these protesters had mobilized earlier, instead of galvanizing after the fact, Hillary may have won. But so goes the slow slog of progress as the world plays victim to the system that they themselves have helped enable by doing the bare minimum. And instead of working within the system to create the future they want, many have elected to act out like petulant children; screaming because they didn't get their way.

Which brings up another point. If Liberals were serious about changing the Electoral College, they should have addressed that during or before the last 3 elections. But it wasn't an issue again until now, when the popular vote came into the Democrats' favor, declaring Hillary the victor. You can't argue or look to repeal an amendment only after it's beneficial to your case.

I am a liberal, (although you may not know it from this article.) The reason I'm being so tough of the Left is because in order to win, you need to lead by example. Acting out and trying to collect .org petition signatures is a waste of time. Trying to play catch-up or lick your wounds and suggest the loss was due to a menagerie of reasons out of your control, doesn't help anybody right now. I get that people need to come to terms with it'; so they label it and quantify it, but if they could step out of their heads for two seconds and see the bigger picture, it's really pretty clear. This election isn't about your hurt feelings. And if you feel that these actions are justifiable to help others, than you have no idea what the word hypocrisy means. As of now, the Left is pulling the same stunts that many extremist Right-wingers pulled for the past 8 years, and were rightfully chastised for. The phrase "Trump's not my President" isn't doing anything for anyone right now, except give ammunition to every "MAGA" cap wearer, who thinks a giant wall across 2000 miles of desert is a plausible idea.

Being a Progressive is about using the front part of your brain; not the back part of it. So if you're screaming for a revolution, or want to argue that Trump is going to nuke a whale his first day in office, please give it a rest. Panicking and disproportionately justifying vile behavior through the use of false equivalencies, only helps exacerbate the issue. If you're playing Chess and someone captures your Queen, you don't sacrifice pawns to make a statement; instead you reevaluate your position, and once you're done, you make sure you don't lose another piece. But until that time, stop whining and take the fuck'n L.

-Will Valle