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I want Donald Trump to win the election this Fall. No, you didn't misread that. No, I'm not a secret trumpeter. And no, I'm not trying to be dramatic (well maybe a little), but truthfully Donal Trump becoming the next President of the United States may be the absolute best thing for this country. Have no illusions, I am far from a Trump supporter. I agree he's crass, and unpolished, far from presidential, and a bully. He's everything you hate about that d-bag you went to high-school with and his entire shit-head family. And I'm not suggesting we elect him to spite Hillary because she's actually Satan, or has a terrible history of machiavellian scheming. I think Trump needs to win for one simple reason: because "fuck it", that's why.

There was an article I read recently that tried to identify who Trump supporters were. They cataloged them as uneducated whites, and middle america, etc etc. Nothing new. I've read thousands of these things. I've written them. One article explored the phenomenon from the mental health's psychiatric perspective and exposed Trump's adverse effects on today's psychological profiles. Patients are now using Trump's actions as an excuse to act out in overly aggressive ways. They cite The Donald's demeanor and resolve as justification for their own poor behavior and lack of conduct when they can't have what they want. This lays way to a larger issue.  As commonplace as this type of rhetoric and plight have become, there ceases to be a larger than life candidate that has gone to bat for these voters. Not since the Dixiecrat era with George Wallace, have they been represented. And since that time, the pots been boiling...

The problem then becomes, isolating and categorizing these people doesn't actually obstruct them or help anyone. So I say, much like a petulant child screaming to stay up past 10 pm on a school night, let's give it to them! Don't wanna do your homework? No problem! Wanna eat ice cream instead of dinner? Sure, why not! Like shooting black people? Of course you do! Screaming, grandstanding, foot stamping, and fist waiving has red-flagged an entire faction of this country. So I say, give them what they want, if only so they can shut the fuck up.

Further more, Trump's own base has denounced him. Major GOP donors have begun to request their donations back. The RNC wants nothing to do with him, and anyone who knows politics, knows the ancient adage: "my enemies enemy is my friend". Two opposing parties can always come together to fight a greater threat. Congress has been gridlocked since Obama took office. Mitch McConnell has lead the fight to continue party blockage and stagnation for close to a decade. So effectively, that he lead the repeal against the Obama vetoing of the JASTA bill; only to instantly realize it was actually in the country's best interest and then claimed instant buyer's remorse. It was done out of pure lack of bipartisanship on the Right's behalf. It's obvious the lack of love the two sides have for each other. But if the Left and Right can finally put their hands together, they can hopefully do it to squash Trump.

Alan Moore wrote a comic in 1986 called 'Watchmen'. It was later adapted for the big screen in 2009, and has been hailed as the 'War and Peace' of comic books. It's an epic allegory that peaks behind the scenes of the run-ins and histories of many super-heroes during the 60's 70's and 80's. It weaves an anecdotal tale of a ticking time bomb that is about to ignite World War 3, causing the potential death of billions. The main character, Rorschach, uncovers a plot by an old ally to create a faux invasion by an intergalactic species, who's main purpose is to tear the Earth apart at the seams. The plan goes into effect, and giant vagina monsters pour into every major city. And instead of fighting each other, nation's rally together to defeat the now common foe. Essentially, Trump is this giant loud vagina monster, and it's going to take the entire world to put aside their difference and defeat him for the greater good of the planet.

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Sometimes the best way to move forward is to first move backwards collectively. You reassess your options and make a well thought out decision after evaluating your position. Like moving your Queen back on the chess board once you realized she's in harm's way. If Trump is elected, it will no doubt be a step-backwards, but much like a one-night-stand rebound after a longterm relationship, you need to find out exactly what it is you're looking for and how to get it, before you decide to move on with your life. People are fickle and don't always know what's good for them until they get what they want; only to later realize they don't want that at all. Clearly the country is still divided on so much that it's hindered any forward progress as a nation to achieve anything outside of an internet sensationalized ice-bucket challenge.

Now I know what you're thinking. The Presidency is too high an office and too powerful a position to relinquish control of, only to have it handed back, bruised and broken in 4 years. But, maybe that's what needs to happen. This country has become so used to it's own self-declared praise, it can't conceptualize the alternative. Sometimes arms need to be purposefully broken to have a better chance at healing correctly later. More has been accomplished on this planet by failing before you complete the impossible. Apollo 1 didn't land on the moon. A chance to weed out the bigots and the racists, and create a dialogue of progress may be what the doctor orders. People generally only galvanize around major problems that give them a reason to try harder, after trying what didn't work, first.

Do everyone a favor, and give them what they want. Elect this idiot. Let him fail. Let his followers eat crow and run out of excuses for their own failed pathetic lives, and then, once we're all on the same page and the "I told ya sos" have been dished out, we can move forward...together.

Election day is November 28th....apparently... -Will Valle Image result for watchmen monster
    • Yonathan Habtemichael

      A Donald Trump presidency will not just be 4 years of buyer’s remorse. It will be 20 years of recovery from the insanity he will unleash. Ronald Reagan’s presidency normalized the Religious Right, bolstered the War on Drugs, and appointed extremely conservative federal judges like Antonin Scalia. With Trump/Pence, we will not take a step back but a tumble down the hill of regression. The Alt-Right will become as normalized as the Religious Right, Stop and Frisk will be national law, marriage equality will be gone. If this were any other election cycle, I may play around with the idea of electing a destructive blowhard for President, but this is not the time.

    • M.J

      I don’t think burning the country down to the ground is the most effective way to help the country because all that does is provide a simple solution to a complex problem.
      It’s like if some people in a country are fed up with the rise in crime and decide to vote for someone who is clearly going to be a brutal dictator but will get the crime rate to decrease. Now after they voted for him, those people have to question whether the ends justify the mean and if they are ok without democracy.
      So in short, with time and patience, Americans can fix the problems in their country piece by piece to avoid mistakes.

      PS: In the Watchmen comic, the squid was only sent to New York and nowhere else. Also, the squid was dead on arrival because anything that was transported by Viedt’s imperfect machine exploded as soon as it was transported.