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Awesome Trailer for ‘The Shannara Chronicles’


Well it looks like there is finally a show that might give Game of Thrones a run for it’s money. The surprising part is in that, that show comes from MTV, yeah the same network that gave us Teen Mom and thought it was a good idea to let Miley Cyrus host the Video Music Awards. The upcoming show in question is The Shannara Chronicles based, of course, on a series of popular fantasy novels much like GOT. Shannara isn’t your typical YA novel the books, which are nearly 40 years old (1977 was when the first book was published) so it has more clout than something like Divergent. Here’s the official synopsis from MTV:

Shannara takes place in a world set thousands of years after the destruction of civilization as we know it. The 10-episode adaptation follows the Shannara family, who are able to tap into ancient magic and whose adventures help reshape the world’s future. Season one is based on The Elfstones of Shannara, the second title in Brooks’ series.”

And just in case you want a more in depth description on season one, here’s the synopsis for The Elfstones of Shannara:

“In the far future, unbeknown to humankind, an apocalyptic war is brewing. Fearsome, vengeful Demons rage at the boundaries of the world, held at bay by a spell called the Forbidding. But now that barrier is dying. Evil is beginning to break through. And only the Chosen can banish the Demons back to their realm. Wil Ohmsford is a healer, not a fighter; a man of duty, not great deeds. But this epic battle seeks him out, for he holds the Elfstones: mysterious protective talismans passed down by his grandfather. Wil is recruited to act as guardian to the Elf girl Amberle, who must venture far to deliver a seed that will help the Forbidding to grow again. The fate of civilization rests upon her shoulders—and the completion of her mission rests upon Wil’s. Now, as the forces of darkness descend, Wil and Amberle embark on a perilous journey, placing their faith in each other to survive the bloodthirsty terrors that await.”

The story definitely seems to be there and looking at the trailer the money seems to be too. It looks AMAZING, the visual effects are almost movie quality. The first thing you’ll likely say after initially viewing the trailer is “this looks like a fake ass GOT” but that should be taken as more of a compliment than an insult. This could play like “GOT lite”, which is pretty cool. The fact that almost every network has tried to find their Game of Thrones is just great for the entire fantasy genre. Not mention MTV is trying to up their game with it’s scripted series’ so I’m interested to see if they take a bigger step. Take a look at the trailer for yourself.

[Source: Collider]

September 7, 2015
Tommy McGrew

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