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Confused By ‘Deadpool’? Don’t Worry I’ll Explain


Last night I decided I just had to see ‘Deadpool’ for myself, especially after writing an article on the film yesterday. Needless to say, I fucking loved it, but thats a discussion for another day. One thing did stand out to me though and that was the fact that no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get that original FOX  ‘Deadpool’ out of my head. Don’t know what I’m taking about, then lets take a little trip back to the summer of 2009 when FOX released ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ which was nothing short of a cinematic disaster. The film was not only the worse reviewed of the entire X-Men series but it was just a horrible film in general and unfortunately it destroyed some very cool characters in the process. Mainly that of Gambit and Deadpool, to be fair, Gambit wasn’t all that bad even though they gave him nothing to do. The real travesty was Deadpool, a character known for talking was reduced to a silent bad guy (because his mouth was sewn shut) mutant with blades coming out of his forearm. If you’re a Deadpool fan than that was blasphemy and any hope of  seeing the ‘Deadpool’ we all know seemed unlikely. That is until the huge campaign fans and Ryan Reynolds ran to get the REAL Deadpool on the big screen, which is where we are now. So how did they manage to erase that old Deadpool from the universe? Easy…’Days Of Future Past’ fixed that little problem too, heres how ‘Deadpool’ producer Simon Kinberg explains it:

“[X-Men: Apocalypse] takes space chronologically before those other films, so it’s more like those films have to acknowledge this than we acknowledge Gambit, Deadpool, or Fantastic Four or anything else that exists within the sort of Fox/Marvel universe. But I work on all of those films in one capacity or another, either as a producer on all of them and as a writer on Fantastic Four and this movie, so I’m certainly aware of all the different stories we’re telling at the same time, and they all are part of a larger fabric now, and so the world of Deadpool, the world of Gambit exists in a post-Days of Future Past post-Apocalypse world where all of these stories are the same as our shared history. The same way that each of us of different ages knows about Nixon and knows about Reagan and knows about 9/11, our fictitious events like the stadium dropping on the White House in 1973 is part of the world in which Gambit, Deadpool, Wolverine on forward exists.”

So in a nutshell, no matter what timeline the characters take, they are always meant to be some variation of the heroes we know. Only difference is how they become that hero. Wow…deep.

[Source: ScreenRant]

February 12, 2016
Tommy McGrew

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