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Johnny Depp Will Be ‘The Invisible Man’ In Remake


Apparently Universal is still going through with that whole rebooting the ‘Universal Monsters’ series. They tried to kick it off with ‘Dracula: Untold’ but that didn’t turn out all that well. The 2014 reboot was panned by both critics and audiences for the most part and was overall forgettable. The studio announced that they were moving forward with it’s ‘Mummy’ remake which now has Tom Cruise on board. So it’s clear that Universal learned from the mistakes made in the Dracula reboot. One thing they’ve seem to have learned is that these movies are a lot easier to get off the ground if there is a big name actor attached. They managed to land Cruise for ‘The Mummy’ and today it was announced they have no other than Johnny Depp to play the iconic role of ‘The Invisible Man’ in Universal’s remake of ‘The Invisible Man’. If you’re unfamiliar with ‘The Invisible Man’ clearly you didn’t make it to your junior year of high school, but if thats the case heres the synopsis:
A mysterious man, Griffin, arrives at the local inn of the English village of Iping, West Sussex, during a snowstorm. The stranger wears a long-sleeved, thick coat and gloves; his face is hidden entirely by bandages except for a fake pink nose; and he wears a wide-brimmed hat. He is excessively reclusive, irascible, and unfriendly. He demands to be left alone and spends most of his time in his rooms working with a set of chemicals and laboratory apparatus, only venturing out at night. While Griffin is staying at the inn, hundreds of strange glass bottles (that he calls his luggage) arrive. Many local townspeople believe this to be very strange. He becomes the talk of the village. Meanwhile, a mysterious burglary occurs in the village. Griffin has run out of money and is trying to find a way to pay for his board and lodging. When his landlady demands that he pay his bill and quit the premises, he reveals part of his invisibility to her in a fit of pique. An attempt to apprehend the stranger is frustrated when he undresses to take advantage of his invisibility, fights off his would-be captors, and flees to the downs.

[Source: CinemaBlend]

February 10, 2016
Tommy McGrew

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