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Michael Bay Confirms Krang As A Villain in ‘TMNT’ Sequel


And here we thought the new ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” movie couldn’t get anymore ridiculous we get this news. So you may recall myself and the Double Toasted crew promptly making fun of the last trailer for ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadows’. The trailer introduced us to the films two villains Bebop and Rocksteady who, if you watched the 80’s/90’s cartoon, you know are two very silly villains. But one thing we at least gave it was the fact that TMNT’s dumbest bad guy, Krang, wouldn’t be apart of the sequel…well it looks like we were wrong. If you don’t know who Krang is than let me give you a little description, imagine a fat  humanoid robot that only wears underwear and has a talking human brain (face and all) in his stomach controlling him.  No, I’m not high, that’s actually what Krang is, now for a cartoon, that’s fine, whatever. The fact they want to put that character in the real world is a little much even for the world TMNT has established. So who do we have to thank for this, who else…the films producer Michael Bay. Bay sat down with Rolling Stone for an interview and said:

“They start with Ninja Turtles animation. Pablo Helman, a visual-effects supervisor who worked on the Star Wars prequels, appears onscreen and shows Bay the latest version of Krang, a new-to-the-movies villain who is, essentially, a disembodied brain inside a giant robot. ‘So we’ve eliminated the tentacles,’ Helman explains. ‘Is it too monster-ish?’ ‘He could have some tentacles,’ says Bay. ‘I just don’t want them coming out of the side. He looks like a stupid octopus.’”

A stupid octopus? That’s not exactly selling me on Krang being in this movie, but hell who am I kidding. I hated  that last movie and this one is looking to prove me right, so have it Bay, you’re just making me look good.

[Source: ScreenRant]

January 5, 2016
Tommy McGrew

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