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Sony Releases Trailer For Don Cheadle’s Miles Davis Biopic ‘Miles Ahead’


Ya boy Don Cheadle is letting loose in another period bio pic. The actor and now director released the first trailer for his upcoming Miles Davis docudrama ‘Miles Ahead’ today and it looks entertaining to say the least. If you’re unfamiliar with Miles Davis then thats just a down right shame because the guy was definitely a character. Heres a brief bio on the jazz legend courtesy of

Instrumental in the development of jazz, Miles Davis is considered one of the top musicians of his era. Born in Illinois in 1926, he traveled at age 18 to New York City to pursue music. Throughout his life, he was at the helm of a changing concept of jazz and the winner of nine Grammy awards.

Now that doesn’t even scratch the surface on the life that Davis led. The trailer starts off in the year 1979 and shows Davis as a man who seems jaded and cynical when he meets a Rolling Stone reporter planned by Ewan McGregor. So much so he punches the guy upon meeting him. It appears the film will show flashbacks, perhaps to explain why Davis is so paranoid and untrusting of the music industry. The film has been shown to select few audiences and has mostly positive reviews.

The film reminds me of Cheadle’s 2007 bio pic ‘Talk To Me’ which co-starred Chiwetel Ejiofor and Taraji P. Henson. That film, although, more of a dramedy, was spoken of with a similar level of admiration. This trailer makes the film look more like ‘Straight Out Compton’ than ‘Talk To Me’, with it’s flashes of Cheadle as Davis pulling out his pistol at a moments notice. It’s no surprise  seeing how ‘Compton’ has set the music biopic bar just that much higher. With all that said though, I still have a slight urge to go to the cinema to see this one.

[Source: ScreenRant]

February 2, 2016
Tommy McGrew

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