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Will’s Honest Opinion – “11/9 vs 9/11” – 11-10-17

A week ago, we withstood yet another in a long line of national tragedies with yet another church shooting; this time in Sutherland Springs, Texas. A few months ago all bore witness to an even more horrific event as a seemingly “normal”, and uncharacteristic individual took aim at a music venue in Las Vegas, killing 59 concert goers. In fact, as a result, the national average of violent mass shootings in this country has escalated to near one per day, marking 2017 as the deadliest year for such incidents in nearly a decade. “There will be another.” I said that in June of 2016 when we had the Orlando nightclub shooting, and at this point, it’s become a way of life.

A few days ago marked the one year anniversary of the day this country collectively lost it’s shit when Donald Trump was elected POTUS. And although there were no direct casualties associated with the election of Trump, the impact can be felt in his lack of effectiveness; whether it be through his “Hopes and Prayers” tweets hastily uploaded every time such tragedies occur, or his administration’s overreaction in Muslin, Hispanic, and Black affairs that see people deported, arrested or shot. I guess it’s too hard to identify these overzealous middle-aged white extremist men in the USA nowadays. I wonder if the FBI had a handle on that at one point before it’s current leadership…”shift”. It would appear that when they’re white and US citizens by birth, no one wants to use the word “terrorism”. Trump refuses to out these people, because to do so would mean he’d be outing himself; suggesting to me, Donald Trump is no less a terrorist then the men he subtly defends.

Let’s classify what an “act of terrorism” actually is. It’s defined as being intentional, yet indiscriminate in nature when pushing the agenda of mass violence. It’s purpose is usually idealogical, political or religious. The point is to create civil unrest and mistrust amongst a populace. It should create fear in everyday life, and usher in a military response that was otherwise deemed unnecessary. Police states are formed and normal citizens are taken to task while trying to complete very basic day to day activities. It builds resentment for a government that has failed to protect it’s people, all while exposing the hypocrisy behind current foreign and/or domestic policies. These homegrown shootings all fall within the definition of domestic terrorism. But, there was another attack on this county that many seemed to overlook.

The most crucial of them in recent history was implemented on November 8th, 2016, and confirmed officially on the 9th. By definition, I posit that Trump winning the presidential election and it’s next day fallout was the single greatest and devastating terrorist attack on this country since 9/11.

Both incidents brought a proud people to it’s knees and created the type of discordance the country hadn’t realistically been apart of since the civil rights movement on the 1960’s. Although there had been reports of rising incidents leading up to the election, the actuality of Trump’s win reinvigorated a flame of hate and bigotry we once thought was snuffed out in most parts of this country. When Trump won, it brought an unnerving silence to places like Manhattan for days to come. I was there on September 12th, 2001, and it was the same eerie scene 15 years later as pedestrians and walkers-by refrained from making eye contact with each other. Subways were silent. Cars didn’t use their horns. You cold hear a pin drop in Central Park from Park Slope. We were in mourning.

And as expected, soon after Trump’s announced win, the country entered into the 5 stages of grief.

1. Denial ) First we began to deny it went down the way it did. Jill Stein demanded a recount in places like Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. She even raised $7.3 million for it. Every political pundit played Monday morning quarterback in their attempt to understand where things went wrong, and how Hillary lost.

2. Anger ) Immediately and for a prolonged stint after, riots began. Some were peaceful protests, but the anger could not be contained, and so began the increasing despondence of a country on the verge of defeat.

3. Depression ) At this point the serious actuality of it all became clear and many slumped into a deep depression over it. People would sign out of social media as a way to escape it. South Park refused to joke about it. But much like a fog on an early morning, it was vast, all encompassing and inescapable.

4. Bargaining ) Then came the bargaining. In-house Dems and Reps alike tried as they might to work with Tump, but to no avail. Gridlock after gridlock would see the house and senate spinning their wheels on subjects and policies some couldn’t understand, or worse, never had an interest in changing to begin with.

5. Acceptance ) A year later, some are still just trying accept it. Rumblings of impeachment or Trump’s “imminent” resignation litter the rumor mill that has Capitol Hill looking like a high school for senior citizens. But realists know the best case scenario has Trump ousted in 2020 to a worthwhile opponent. And at this point, that could literally be anyone.

Let’s be clear, the purpose of the next presidential election won’t be to elect a new president. It will be used specifically to usher one out.

But now, a year after Trump’s rise, the repercussions of last years election are still being felt. The house is currently on it’s way to being handed back to the to Dems by 2018, in what will amount to a tsunami of landslide victories for the party.  This will most likely keep things in check without any real reform, instead acting as a political firewall designed to filibuster absurd Rep proposals. It’s not what many are truly hoping for, but it’s not nothing either.

Shortly after 911, Bush went on air, signifying the importance of staying vigilante, being steadfast, and reaffirming what it meant to be “American”. Now, 16 years later, we find ourselves in a similar position against the very person who should be inciting those very speeches and views. It makes you wonder; if Trump never had money or power or means, would it be his face that was plastered all over the news as the next “white male mass murdering shooter.” … yet still to be labeled: “terrorist”.

-Will Valle

November 10, 2017
Double Toasted

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